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The most mild are folkways. These are common rules of manners that we are expected to use on a day-to-day basis. The punishment for violating a folkway is informal and inconsistent. One example that I use in class is not slurping soup. If you do this, you will not get formally sanctioned. You will not get a ticket or go to jail, but peope will look at you in a certain way because it violates a common rule of manners.

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here is toni dance around town violating some folkways.

The mores are much stronger norms. People attach a moral significance to them and treat violations of them very seriously. A man who walks down a street wearing nothing on the upper half of his body is violating a folkway; a man who walks down the street wearing nothing on the lower half of his body is violating one of our most important mores. Theft, drug abuse, murder, rape, desecration of the Pakistani flag, or contemptuous use of religious symbols all excite a strong social reaction. People believe that their mores are crucial for the maintenance of decent and orderly society, and the Folkways

Violating a folkway does not usually have serious consequences.

The folkways are the ordinary usages and conventions of everyday life. Conformity to them is expected but is not absolutely insisted upon We expect people to refrain from blowing their noses in public, to turn up on time for appointments, and to wear a matching pair of shoes. Those who do not conform to these and similar folkways are considered peculiar and unconventional, particularly if they consistently violate a number of folkways. But they are not considered immoral or corrupt, nor are they treated as criminal’. People are not deeply outraged by violations of folkways and on the whole are tolerant of a certain amount of nonconformity to them.

For example walking down town in the middle of winter in a swim suit would be violating a folkway.
For this assignment I chose this particular research option because I am very interested in people’s reactions to experiencing things they are not used to, I also do not embarrass easily. My research involved intentionally violating common folkways in the presence of family, co-workers and strangers. After breaking common norms I than analyzed the results and recorded them below.
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Rules of conventional behavior, everyday customs, and good manners. Examples: wearing socks with dress pants, eating with a fork, not picking your nose, covering your mouth when you sneeze, or wearing a swimsuit on the beach rather than a suit and tie. Violating folkways usually results in weak responses like ridicule, being shunned or ostracize, or gossip. People will think your weird if you violate folkways but they won't arrest you.

Humans make objects, sometimes for practical reasons and sometimes for artistic ones. The form and function of these objects is an expression of culture and culturally-defined behavior often depends on the presence of specific objects. We call such objects material culture.

with their hands instead of silverware would be violating a folkway norm

each discussed here: folkways, mores, taboos, and laws

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Sociologist defined the folkways as norms for routine or casual interaction. This includes ideas about appropriate greetings and proper cloths in different situations. On the other are the norm norms as informal understandings that govern society’s behaviors. Both this word is coined by William Graham Summer. But we will focused on folkways and how if we violate the folkways in our society in a given situation.