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Speaking about other artists who work hard... You cite , , , as artists who are heroes to you. It is the empires that they've built for themselves that inspire you? What is it about the high-low art spectrum that interests you so much? Is it because you started on the street but have moved to the galleries? Or are you just trying to get your money's worth from your USC Business Administration and Fine Art degree?

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attended USC business administration from 1961-64, and graduated from

towers of the USC Business Administration Building are named for him

Sweet began shaping boards on the beach at Malibu a few years after the war and helped Matt Kivlin and Joe Quigg with the development of the Malibu chip. In 1953, the same year he earned a USC Business Administration degree, Sweet painstakingly shaped a board from a thick block of Styrofoam, sealed it, glassed it, and then finished it with an opaque coat of resin in order to keep the core material a secret. The board had a nice lively feel in the water. But the project had been too labor intensive, by far, and he continued making balsa boards.

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Hudson Jeans was founded by Kim, a 1990s USC business administration grad, in Los Angeles in 2002
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