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In Camille Pagila’s “The Pitfals of Plastic Surgery”, she discusses the issue of plastic surgery becoming more of a trend to make everyone similar, compared to a unique art form. Pagila feels that it has become almost a civil right to be able to have cosmetic surgery done to enhance ones own appearance. Which is understandable because maximizing ones own attractiveness and desirability is justifiable in any society, especially in Americas society. She is not against plastic surgery, she is against what it has become in our culture today, she believes that getting plastic surgery done should be a art form, and everyone should be unique, compared to what the reality of it is, everybody trying to look like a cookie cut “Barbie Doll”.

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Throughout the article “The Pitfalls of Plastic Surgery” Camille Paglia in the Essay The pitfalls of plastic surgery the author states her opinion and views on the topic of Plastic Surgery she gives the reader for example the history of body modification and how it went from something not many people out of celebrities status had access to until the late 1990s-2002 where almost every major city has a plastic surgeon.

one of the pitfalls of plastic surgery is figuring out

Other pitfalls of plastic surgery are those offering dramatic results with superficial treatments, minimal or non-invasive procedures, no risk or little risk and downtime as well as a variety of products, procedures or manipulations without mention of the doctor's qualification, board certification or his/her specialty. These promises are designed more for marketing reasons than a real therapeutic value.

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