Find an expression for the 6-stellar number at stage S 7.

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Find a general statement for the 6-stellar number at stage S nin terms of n.

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For 5-stellar number 10 can be presented like 5x2 and that is also because there are 5 vertices and each side of vertices gets one dot

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For 6-stellar number 12 can be presented like 6x2 and that is because there are 6 vertices and each side of vertices gets one dot

It just depends on how you define it. We could also define the stellar numbers recursively:
A more interesting method makes use of the triangular numbers. We can first note a recurrence relationship in the stellar numbers – each subsequent pattern contains all the previous patterns inside. In fact we can state the relationship as:Subsequently considering stellar numbers which are stars with 6 vertices, the number of dots in each stage will represent each stellar number just as it was done before with the...In order to develop this mathematics SL portfolio, I will require the use of windows paint 2010 and the graphic calculator fx-9860G SD emulator, meaning that I will use screenshots from this software with the intention of demonstrating my work and process of stellar numbers sequences. Triangular numbers are those which follow a triangular pattern, these numbers can be represented in a triangular grid of evenly spaced dots.What are stellar numbers? How to calculate how many dots are there in one dot triangle? How to create dot triangle with any amount of dots? Read further and find answer to these questions.Our next task was to find general statement for 5-stellar number at stage Sn in terms of n. That can be figured out by pattern which we used in previous task and in that pattern we can see that every time there are few common things. That number which multiplies 10 is always lower than n by one. So from that we can get formula which says: Sn = Sn-1 +(n-1) · 10Find the number of dots ( i.e. the stellar number) in each stageup to S 6. Organize the data so that you can recognize and describeany patterns.The next part of our task is to consider stellar (star) shapes with p vertices, leading to p-stellar numbers. The first four representations for a star with six vertices are shown in the four stages S1–S4 below....Hi, I saw the work that you did on Stellar Numbers on this forum and I had a question about them and you seem to be very knowledgeable in this subject! As part of a 'math essay', I am required to write an introductory paragraph to Stellar Numbers and I was just wondering if you happened to know what real life applications triangular/stellar numbers have?
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I've been working on a project based upon the idea of 'stellar numbers'. That is, a number which, when represented as dots, can be arranged into the shape of a star with vertices. This leads to a sequence for each value of , for example when is 6 (i.e. a six pointed star) the first five terms (S1 to S5) would be:

Hence, produce the general statement, in terms of p and n , thatgenerates the sequence of p -stellar numbers for any value of p atstage S n .

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For 6-stellar number 12 can be presented like 6x2 and that is because there are 6 vertices and each side of vertices gets one dot

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In my opinion the final goal of this portfolio is to make general expression which can be used for any stellar number. In this task I should do that and produce the general statement, in terms of p and n, that generates the sequence of p-stellar numbers for any value of p at stage Sn.