Техническое описание микросхемы ST L293D - драйвер моторов.

Recently, mini robots in the form of pets, cleaners and others are available in market. Robots are utilized for many applications to assist human-being. The purpose of this project is to develop an autonomous robot that can move on itself without continuous human guidance. This autonomous robot is overall in two parts: Electronic parts and mechanical parts. Electronic parts are the controller board, infrared sensors and ISD 2560 ChipCoder. The controller board consists of microcontroller PIC 16F877A, power supply unit and motor driver ST L293D. The mechanical parts are the gear-box with DC motors and the case of the robot. When the robot is ON, it will sound "autonomous robot ON" and move forward. When it senses obstacle in front, it will sound "Obstacle at front, reversing" and reverse then turn right before it continues to move forward. When it senses obstacle at right, it will sound "Obstacle at right, turning left" then turn left and when it senses obstacle at left, it will sound "Obstacle at left, turning right" then turn right before it continues to move forward. As a result, this robot is useful as a guide for blind people as it is also economic.

Push Pull Four Channel Motor Driver Module St L293D | eBay

ST MICROELECTRONICS L293D DIP-16 Aviation Parts Distributors

ST MICROELECTRONICS L293D Aviation Parts Distributors

When I used this circuit in my LadyBugBot clone I added pull-down resistors to L293D's inputs 2 and 3. I think they are not really necessary (this circuit worked just fine for me) but I just wanted to make sure those inputs will not float. You can check the schematic for that in . Be warned: The schematic there is even more complicated because it has all component for the bot. You can also see the mess on the proto board :-)

STMicroelectronics L293D: STMicroelectronics L6571A: Alternate Names

ST L293D Motor Driver
ST L293D Motor Driver


ST L293D Motor Treiber (Push-Pull 4-Channel Driver mit Dioden), ICs, Servos/Motoren

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ST L293D Motor Treiber (Push-Pull 4-Channel Driver mit Dioden), ICs, Servos/Motoren.

型号/规格:L293D 品牌/商标:ST L293D高电压高电流4通道电机驱动芯片L293D 概述L293D是一款..