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Not only can sports bring people together on the playing field, but of it as well. Sports also have been a popular focus for the arts, particularly in novels and films. If Americans are not interested in playing sports because they do not have athletic ability, they can enjoy a nice movie like Rudy, Remember the Titans, or Caddy Shack. All of these movies appeal to different types of people, and they bring people together to watch them. All three films did well in theaters, and people flocked to cinemas to enjoy the heartbreak, laughs, and triumphs with each other.

Yes, absolutely, sports bring people together...

Sports bring people together, organizers said, but it won’t be easy.

There are times when sports can bring people together

In the last year, we have seen many examples of sport bringing people together. The breakthroughs for female athletes at the London Olympics, ushered in hopes for increased women’s rights in many repressive states, and the embodied much that was positive about the role of sports in society. Everyone came together to celebrate extraordinary talent and achievement in what was a truly global celebration.

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Whether it is building bridges, bringing people together or letting kids forget their troubles for one afternoon: the real potential of sport isn't just about going higher, faster and further. Sport brings people together and gives people opportunity. Quite simply: Sport is a language that everyone understands.

“I wish we had fans to help with the healing,” Jones said. “Sports bring people together.”
Overall, the power of sports to bring people together is evident. Sports help to heal and comfort those who are mourning, by bringing people together to support each other. In the end, without sports, America would lose some of its originality. America is a nation that has been taken over by athletics, and it is for the best, and it is for the best because it gives of something that we can all relate to.Sports bring people together — maybe people who wouldn’t normally like each other, or whose paths would never cross. Sports electrify and unite entire cities or regions and give people of disparate backgrounds, cultures and professions something to cheer about together. Even when people get to arguing with each other about teams, players and games it’s usually a “friendly fight” — unless it’s a matter of the .The first official game of basketball was played in 1892. The basic rules have maintained their key concepts. The first set of the rules was published in 1891 by James Naismith. During the same day he asked his class to try out his new game. And thus the basketball history took off. Little did Naismith know back then that his game would turn out to be one of the most popular sports in the world. The reason this sport has become so beloved is due to the fact that it is very entertaining. Whether you are playing a casual game with your friends in a schoolyard or you are watching the NBA championship, basketball is a sport that brings people together.Sports bring people together and facilitate problem solving and communication. The best way to dissipate anger is to introduce fun. In war-torn communities, for example, where sadness is often an overwhelming emotional state, bringing smiles to the faces of children is a great way to distract them from the pressures of life. By giving children a productive way to expend their energy, sports can be a vehicle to achieve peace. Discipline and self-control, values that promote accord, can also be mixed with the fun of sports. Congratulating the winner, respecting opponents, obeying the rules, and encouraging fair play promote equality for all. Fair play practices are tied to good moral values, such as the Golden Rule (the antithesis of conflict in sports), and have been used as a means to encourage peaceful behaviour. In 2001, the United Nations created the Office on Sport for Development and Peace to promote peace through sports.
sport brings people together by any way,hokey,netball and many ather sports can brig different people/countries.

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Wherever you travel in the world you will always find people who love sports. Sports bring people together and help to build strong communities, as well as contribute to the creation of healthy, happy individuals. Sports can also provide a much-needed distraction from more negative aspects of people’s lives and, to many people from disadvantaged backgrounds, it can offer a route out of poverty and a path of excitement and promise.

Do you think sports brings people together -- even if those people really don't agree on fundamental political issues?

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The Olympics have been the only venue that unites the entire world in safe confrontation. Today professional sports are a significant part of our culture. They may even be a substitute for war, which so long dominated human affairs. Sports bring people together in competition that does not kill. These contemporary combats and those portrayed by Greek art, Gerome, Manet, Eakins, Bellows and Luks lend themselves to my goal of using art to remark publicly on the complexities of life and culture.

Universal Language of Sport Brings People Together, Teaches Teamwork, Tolerance, Secretary-General Says at Launch of International Year

Sports bring people together, but devides them too

Lastly, another time I experienced sports bring people together was this summer in Fiji. Surprisingly, the most memorable and missed moment I spent their, was playing soccer. It surprised me because I had not played soccer in years. At the base house I stayed at, they had a full sized soccer field. At night, it was covered in frogs and pitch black. And during the day, the frogs were gone and the sun lit the green grass. The first time I was told we were going to be playing soccer, I was hesitant. I did not want to play, but told myself I had to try it. My friends and I went to our burre, a hut like building, and got dressed into appropriate clothing.