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In this conference, in addition to Dr. Habibi, CEO of Farzan Institute, the other speakers included Ms. Moghimi chairwoman of the Chamber of Commerce and CEO and founder of Sadid Bar International Transportation Corporation, Mr. Hadavi, CEO of Kohan Charm Co., and authorities of the university of economical studies to deliver speeches on success.

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Undeterred by her comments, Trump made it clear that -- although she was likely to be fired shortly anyways -- he felt Michelle was making a poor decision. "This is a major opportunity, this is a major lifetime event for you [and] in all of the years that I've been doing this, only one person has quit," Trump, alluding to candidate Verna Felton's decision to also during its third week, told Michelle. "I've been amazed that there's only been one person because some people and sometimes you really suffer, it's very tough. You're doing something that when you look back on your life, I think that you will not be proud of... [and] when I give speeches on success and speeches on motivation, the second point I make is never, ever give up, never quit. You can never been successful if you quit."

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"I memorized the entire movie like a play," he says. "The script was extraordinary. I followed everything, to the punctuation, to a T." He especially prized the tiny speeches on success that his character picks up by scouring the Internet for business advice. Lou recites them with the fervor of a true believer.

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I think all of you would have read about the fraudulent practices of institutes such as the famed Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM). The name paints a picture of Arindam Chaudhari giving intellectual speeches on success, well, sadly the institution guarantees everything but success.

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