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Althougsh everyone has their own style to communicate with others and has different presenting skills. At that time you need to do is be what you are and then capitalizing on your greatest delivery strengths. Focus on the real source of your power like different aspects of delivering speech, your style to use language, your body language, level of formality etc. As you know sometime “silence is better than speech’’, your silence can become your real strength at that time such as your facial expression, posture, gesture, movement, clothing, variety, proximity and sometimes your loudness or silent pauses can make your work.

Free Essays on Silent Is Better Than Speech

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Silence, as one of the means of non-verbal communication, is also called "quiet time? In almost any language, we can find evidences to show importance people attach to it: in English, we have a proverb ?speech is silver, and silence is golden.?In Chinese, we have ?silence is better than speech.?(cishi wusheng sheng yousheng). However, in actual communication, the significance of silence is largely ignored or, to make things worse, it is misunderstood partly because of the uncertain relationship between the signifier and the signified, since, in essence, silence is a sign. It is especially true in intercultural communication where different people's cultural value conflicts. Therefore, it is highly necessary to better our understanding of it to achieve effective communication.

Speech is better than silence; silence is better than speech."

At one point, reminded of the saying, “Silence is better than speech, but song is better than silence,” Shaham said, “I love that. We should have put it in the CD booklet.”

we have ?silence is better than speech.?(cishi wusheng sheng yousheng)

Silence is better than speech on this occasion

Things were better when people agreed that music was something to avoid. The justification for it, even if it is an opinion based on evidence, is very weak and you’ve unnecessarily brought it to the attention of the people. Sometimes insha Allah silence is better than speech, even if the speech is not unrighteous.

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The very beginning of the play gives us the word finished. It shows the character’s preoccupation with death. Since there is no meaning in life they are obsessed with death. The characters too are doing nothing. The setting shows imprisonment of people who can have no control over their own lives. They cannot move freely. Their lives are manipulated by some external force. There are no values and beliefs by which they can live. The conversation is full of comic overtones. The play ends where it began. There is no development in the plot. Nothing can help to bring out the existential angst of the characters so silence is better than speech. When there is any speech, it too is senseless and repetitive. The play shows the pain of life without expressing it. Hamm takes a painkiller to mitigate the pain of life. He and Clov know what they are doing and the audience also knows it. Though the play goes against the conventional idea of drama, it is intellectually appealing as it deals with the meaninglessness of life which makes the play absurd.

there are times in which silence is better than speech, for silence has a safe recompense

For silence is the speech of love,

The Nasirean Ethics of Tusi was written in 1235 when he was already a celebrated scholar. Tusi based his ethics on the knowledge of God, the prophet , and the succeeding imams, and he recommended cultivating the virtues of asceticism and the fear of God. He considered injustice and tyranny the worst vices, and he denounced the material gains of the world. He believed that accumulating wealth is unnecessary, futile, and bad; greed and avarice should be avoided. He argued that poverty is better than wealth just as truth is better than a lie; being trustworthy is better than being unreliable; and silence is better than speech, because too much talk is hazardous. For Tusi the highest virtues also include being kind, patient, forgiving, and controlling anger. One should be neither envious nor hostile. Humility is a virtue, and arrogance is a vice. Being generous is better than being stingy. One should be brave and control desires. He recommended companionship with the wise and good friends while avoiding those who are ignorant and do wrong.