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In the Elizabethan times, quotes like “ I hate him for he is a Christian”, would have provoked the audience. This is why Shylock would have been regarded as a villain as well during this era. Shylock speaks carelessly about the loss of Antonio’s fortunes and sailors as sea, which demonstrates the spitefulness of Shylock. The real turning point of Shylocks evil doings is when his daughter Jessica runs away and takes all his wealth with her. Shylock quotes that he would “have his daughter dead at his feet” if he could. This provokes him into craving his bond and truly becoming villainous.

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I regard the most distinguished of these emotions as betrayal. Jessica surrenders her religion, and in many ways humiliates and abandons her father, the effect of betrayal is apparent when Shylock quotes:


Jesus' parable is a kind of gloss on the story of Jacob and Laban, another story of saving and salvation, which Shylock quotes in The Merchant of Venice. In the story Jacob serves as the ranch manager for his uncle and father-in-law Laban, who is, like the Master in Jesus' parable, a hard man who reaps where he does not sow. Jacob is so expert and creative in his work that he makes Laban a rich man, and despite the fact that Laban keeps changing the rules of his employment, Jacob ends up with both of Laban's daughters and huge flocks and herds of his own. He serves seven years for Laban's elder daughter Leah, seven years for the younger daughter Rachel, and six years for his share of Laban's flocks and herds. Jacob's peculiar expertise seems to be in animal breeding: he mates the most vigorous stock in his uncle's herds and improves the breeds. Jacob's genetic expertise, the story insists, is taught to him by God, who also promises to bless Jacob himself with a multitude of descendants.

Christian gibes also brand Shylock as Satan in godly clothing. Forexample, after Shylock quotes the Bible to make a point, Antonio tellsBassanio:
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