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Ms. Mills reviewed standardized-test scores for schools in the District of Columbia, compared policies on school uniforms and discipline practices, and explored special academic programs before deciding to send her 16-year-old daughter, Janell, to Duke Ellington School of the Arts in the Georgetown neighborhood. There, Janell puts in long hours working on costumes and providing technical assistance for school productions.


Some seek diversity, or school uniforms and discipline

Do school uniforms encourage discipline

An American university profesor writes, "I found reading the comments about school uniforms and school discipline interesting. I personally think uniforms are one tool in the schools' toolbox for romoting better discipline. This is just my opinion, but I think the parents of unruly children created their own little monsters and then expect teachers to sort out the problem. So many young parents grew up in permissive homes, and they have failed or refused to set any boundaries for their own children. Our workplaces have become more demanding and competitive, it's true, but parents are responsible for their children. I also blame school administrators, those with undergraduate and graduate degrees in education, for harming our public schools. Many of them forget that school children need (and want) guidance from authority figures. School officials neglect those duties and seem afraid of the children, their parents, and public officials. Schools of education crank out policies and theories ungrounded in reality. They nurture children's feelings of entitlement and contempt. Teachers are caught in the middle, between students and their parents and school officials. That so many public schools are failing is no wonder. And the infamous No Child Left Behind Act, standardized tests, obsessive measurement, evaluation, and assessment, and 'teaching to the test' leave little time for learning."

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Many feel that school uniforms help a school in maintaing discipline. Many school systems report uniforms help to reduce discipline problems. Some schools report dramatic declines, although opponets question some of these reports. Children today are lacking in self discipline. Many parents simply refuse to discipline their children. This makes it much more difficult on the teacher who has to deal with a class of 20-30 children througout the day. In of the newspapers we read a lot about poor teachers. Rarely do we read about poor parents and parental responsibility. Commonly modern parents who send poorly disciplined children to school will actually compplain when schools attempt to suscipline them so they can get on with the business of education. Here is a smatering of opinions about school uniforms and discipline. Bear in mind thazt some of the comments deal with uniforms, others at hear relate to the very idea of disciplining children.

School uniforms and discipline
School Uniforms And Discipline

School uniforms return in drive to improve school discipline

a zero-tolerance policy for the school, rigidly enforcing existing policies on school uniforms and discipline, plus restricting the use of mobile phones and iPods.

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