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For my consultancy (Seven Sigma Business Solutions but soon to be Inovus), governance is at the forefront of everything we do. A huge part of this is training of power and end users. In our consultancy the argument of “rubbish solutions” is really a null argument as we will setup a simple development environment (a development site collection typically) in which the power users first create their SharePoint Designer based solutions. This gives them a chance to learn but also provides us with a way to govern their solutions before they have a chance to go into production thus providing some level of quality control.

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So - how do I get around this? So far, I have only found two, fairly rubbish solutions to this.
One is to pre-stretch a string, and then to specifically replace chunks of it with the value that I really want:or - I did this:

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The problem I take with these arguments is that they concentrate on this whole “developer vs non-developer” argument. To be perfectly honest, on this playing field the developers have it. The rubbish solutions that the deign view has helped contribute to is a pretty solid reason to remove it as developers are the ones that should be doing any kind of development. Although I do agree with this sentiment, my argument exists on a different field. The argument I make is one of negotiation. Of course this argument only works if you are an ethical consultant not looking to take your client’s to the cleaners. I’m actually a massive optimist in the human spirit so for the purposes of this post I’m going to assume you too are not looking to rip off your client.

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