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The short story Reunion by John Cheever works with symbols a lot. The reunion is a symbol of expectation of something to happen, like the child’s expectation to see his father after a long time (three years). The child’s father, a stereotype of a businessman, represents vanity because he thinks that he is better than everyone, and therefore expects others to do what he wants. The sommelier represents order and good manners, simply because he wants peace and politeness in the restaurant. The newspaper that the man wants to buy for his son is a symbol of a souvenir. It works like that because the paper would remain the only thing that the boy has from his father, whom he never sees again. The Grand Central Station, which is the train station where the narrator meets his father for the last time, is a symbol of parting of the ways. That’s because the child and his father never meet after their reunion at the train station. Finally, the train on which the narrator leaves New York is a symbol of a new beginning because the boy starts a new life without seeing his father anymore in his life.

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Reprinted in "," edited by Robert Shapard
published by Gibbs M. Smith (1987-02)
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