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There are a variety of reasons to become a nurse, including job security, flexible schedules, the ability to advance and a variety of fields to work within. Discover why many people become nurses to take care of others and promote happiness with help from a licensed RN in this free video on nursing jobs and health care.

Expert: Kayti Brosnan
Bio: Kayti Brosnan has been a licensed RN in the state of Texas since 2003.
Filmmaker: Todd Green

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what are the best reasons to become a nurse besides the money

You totally missed the point. It is ok for nurses and Dr's make money, however, if your main reason to become a nurse is to make "allot" of money, maybe you should have picked a different profession. You see, nurses who are nurses because it is a pasion to help people, don't "burn-out" as you say as easily as those who are there to make a buck. BTW, who was jojo bashing? "B's"?? And you took offence to that? Maybe she does not volunteer because she needs an income, OR as she SAID, "it is nice to make good money". I agree, money is secondary, however, I need a paycheck and maybe jojo does too:)

20 Reasons to Become a Family Nurse Practitioner

Jen Freeman, who graduated from Unitek College's Vocational Nursing program, had her eyes on the ball from the very beginning. "I was standing in the ICU at a Children's Hospital with my son when I first realized I wanted to be a Nurse," Jen explains. The only thing holding her back was her full-time position as Mom to four kids; she had to juggle her time wisely. As we catch up with our Vocational Nursing graduate, she is exactly where she envisioned herself: working at the Children's Recovery Hospital in Campbell. A job she acquired within a week of gaining her temporary license. In the following interview, Jen reminisces about her experience at Unitek College and the role it played in bringing her vision to life.

So, why Unitek College? "It was good marketing on your part," she comments. "I never seriously looked anywhere else." The campus's location in her hometown provided the ultimate convenience. She laughs as she describes her first encounter with our admission representatives, who had only the time to tell her how much it would cost before the conversation ended. But after considering the perks of an accelerated program with no wait time, Jen enrolled. "How long would I wait somewhere else?" she asks.

Jen found the curriculum understandably challenging since she had no medical experience (the endocrine system proved difficult in particular). However, she dealt with these using two methods. The first was that she followed the program laid out before her to the letter; soaking up her education in large quantities by frequently re-reading chapters and taking every opportunity to dive in. "A lot of people like to watch while others go first... but not me. I went first because I wanted the experience," she explains.

The second method enabled Jen to really explore her passion for giving care. Instead of thinking of her education as a list of key terms or clinical diagnostics, she related them to people. As she describes, "I thought of these lessons as my patients, and I want to save their lives... so I have to know this information." She also believes that it's this passion which gets a Nurse to work every day, and there is no reason to become a Nurse other than the intention of making a difference in people's lives. Sometimes it's a small difference, like the painting the nails on her patient and sometimes it's much larger; such as changing the outcome of events in more critical patients. There is a future for her in pediatrics, but not only as an LVN; Jen plans to continue her education and gain her registered nursing license.

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Reasons to Become a Family Nurse Practitioner

The only reason to become a nurse is that you care about people, you are curious about medicine and want to make a difference. Otherwise you will never survive the disappointments that come along with the job. Nurses are easy targets and we are responsible for coordinating our patients care with many different specialities while doing our job with no room for mistakes. We also have a responsibility to include families in the patients care and education.

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A career in nursing has always been an interesting option for most science students, mainly due to its challenging nature, endless scope of advancements, social contributions and excellent pay. Nursing is a career that enables you to save people’s lives, as well as bring comfort and cheer to those suffering from disease, pain, or other ailments. There are many reasons to become a nurse, one of which is receiving the satisfaction of doing something for society on a grand scale. So, if you’re in doubt whether you should opt for the career in nursing, here are 10 reasons why you should be a nurse...

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