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Like D.R. said, I was excited when I found it “Reading for Survival,” because I knew it was the last “new” interaction, the last new conversation that Travis and Meyer I would ever have and I would ever read. Does that make sense?

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Students of any language need to be able to read in that language. Of this there is little doubt. However, exactly what is meant by 'reading' is less clear. Native speakers 'read' and process an enormous amount of material each day, and they approach it in different ways depending largely on their motivation for reading. Catherine Wallace (1992; 6 - 7) has identified three general purposes which readers have when reading: Reading for Survival, Reading for Learning, and Reading for Pleasure. A tourist checking the signs in a station in order to find the right train; a student poring over a thick textbook, stopping every so often to make notes; a young child following a story in the book as his mother reads it to him: all these people are reading, but in each case the reading clearly serves very different purposes and involves very different processes. In the case of foreign language students, what is important is the extent to which they can recognise this, interacting with and making sense of a particular text in whatever way and for whatever purpose seems to be most appropriate for them in the context.

Reading for survival.

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The Library of Congress's "Center for the Book" commissioned a short work by MacDonald, an essay entitled "Reading for Survival". The essay takes the form of a dialogue between Travis McGee and Meyer on the importance of reading to the survival of the human species.

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Very few JDM fans are aware that Reading for Survival was not the author’s first attempt at using McGee and Myer to frame an argument within the confines of a single work. In 1977 he wrote a McGee short story called “Terminal Cases” which was published in New York Magazine. I wrote a piece on it back in 2011 which you can read here:

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Also, there are times when people really think I am not deaf. Before my HA, I was in the 65 to 120 db range of loss. I ended up at a 105 db average threshold loss in both ears before my CI’s. Now there is zero hearing – period. Yet people sometimes think I am not deaf. My speech, for as profound as my hearing loss has been for 63 years, is excellent. So I understand both perspectives. But, I consider myself deaf. And with my CI’s all kinds of things knock those paddles/Rondo’s off my head and then totally mute silence. And when I am doing noisy/dirty stuff with the gardens and landscape – they go off. Then it is totally lip reading for survival, until I can fish them out of my pocket/containers. And to top off the irony I am an extrovert who will pursue a conversation with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. So I was and am a solitary who is an anomaly of an anomaly of an anomaly. No regrets about where my hearing and speech went.