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What we are left with is the claim that many or most Hollywood films, though not all, present their female characters from a masculine perspective according to which their chief, perhaps only, value is their value to men. This will permit us to say neither that any particular film endorses the view that all (real) women are valuable only insofar as they are valuable to men, nor that "the Hollywood film" as a whole endorses this view. This is not to say that frequent stereotyping is innocent or innocuous. (A very plausible account of what precisely is wrong with it has been offered by Noël Carroll.[26]) But the problems with stereotyping do not have to do with what films say, or film in general says, about women.

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Stereotyping comes from a person’s limited, often outdated, and personal set of observations and untested verbal information about a subject. In stereotyping, an unproven or untested conclusion is quickly reached and is maintained. The problems with stereotyping arise when the individual tunes out any proof or evidence that does not reinforce the existing conclusions.

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Social psychology has a long history of studying stereotypes — it’s been core to the field’s interest for generations, says Hazel Markus, a professor in the Stanford social psychology department and a close colleague of Eberhardt’s. But Eberhardt has helped move the field’s focus from the people with biased attitudes to the people targeted by those biases, and she has found ingeniously simple but powerful ways to make the problems with stereotyping apparent.

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The problem lies with how stereotypes over generalize about an entire group and blind us to those characteristics in others and other characteristics in the stereotyped groups. Again these are all stereotypes, there are and aren’t believers who do these things, but if I use the same language I used when I’ve made my own stereotypes, “The problem with stereotypes is that they are often true….” except of course when they are directed at us.The problem with stereotypes is that they get confused with archetypes, which is what you could call the prototype for a particular group. Jesus, for example, is an archetype, whereas all Muslims you meet are out to kill you and your family is a stereotype. The church is meant to be a replication of the archetype, but unfortunately, the loudest voices often perpetuate the reduction of the gospel to an easily stereotyped moralizing/political machine that I want little to do with.Alonzo’s challenge is part of the constant struggle to create television that reflects the racial diversity of America without amplifying its problems with stereotyping and prejudice. Maybe the upcoming Fall 2015 network series will rise to the challenge, have stellar ratings and spur the creation of more Latino-focused programs in mainstream media--effectively bridging the Latino Media Gap.If there comes a time when the descendants of Black Hawk seek to tell the owners of the Chicago NHL franchise to stop using the name and imagery, I would stand four-square with them, and I would hope the author of the piece would do the same. Until that time, though I am willing to give the franchise the benefit of the doubt and accept that are using the name and imagery with appropriate respect. Unlike the other professional franchises that come to mind when discussing names and imagery, the Chicago franchise is dealing with a particular name, with a particular history - and there are a particular people to consult with as to what kind of job they are doing - the other franchise are indulging in generalizations, with all the accompanying problems with stereotyping that generalizations bring to the table.
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Author Lesley Hazleton, who blogs at , recently gave a TEDx talk on the “Seeing Muhammad and Others” and the inherent problems with stereotyping Islam. Watch for yourself, and please comment below.

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Recently I talked with Amy-Willard Cross about the problems with stereotyping women in advertisements. We discussed The Buchanan Test and why so few commercials can pass this simple test for stereotyping women in your ads.

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One of the problems with stereotyping and the self-fulfilling nature of it, is that if you've heard these things, and then you meet somebody, you are likely to look for those characteristics.