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A beautifully crafted, funny, heartbreaking work of genius from a world-class writer at the top of his game, A Prayer for Owen Meany is one of those books that simply defies easy description.

It's about angels. And armadillos. THE VOICE. An armless Indian and an headless Holy Goalie. A lethal baseball, a Christmas pageant baby Jesus, and the precise connection between what the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come saw on a cardboard tombstone and the burned and blistered corpse of a helicopter pilot killed in Vietnam. Through all the quirky characters and masterful plotting, however, at its heart, A Prayer for Owen Meany is about family, friendship, community, and what it really means to be a hero.

Narrator, Joe Barret's, pitch perfect reading captured the spirit and voice of each unforgettable character, including that of Owen Meany, whose screeching, grating, damaged voice is portrayed in the novel in full caps. Somehow Barret accomplishes this feat in such a way that he fully embodies Owen's unforgettable voice, yet is still easy on the ears of audio book listeners.

This Audible version of A Prayer for Owen Meany made me laugh, made me fall in love with Owen Meany and, ultimately, broke my heart. When the book was over, I missed Owen, as if I'd known him.

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PARGRAPH When the boys are old enough, they enter Gravesend Academy, where Owen thrives: he has a powerful column called "THE VOICE" in the school paper, and easily becomes the class valedictorian. Shortly before graduation, however, he is expelled for helping students make fake IDs out of their draft cards--it is the early 1960s, and the Vietnam War is just beginning. After his expulsion, Owen removes a statue of Mary Magdalene from its place in front of a local Catholic school, amputates its arms and head, and welds it to the stage in the Gravesend Academy auditorium. The school minister, the doubt-plagued Rev. Louis Merrill, asks the boys at morning meeting to pray for Owen Meany, and the unpleasant headmaster who expelled Owen loses his job as a result of the event.

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The narrator of ''A Prayer for Owen Meany'' is another John Wheelwright, also a descendant, but a good deal of a conscious and unapologetic wimp. Although he had half of his right forefinger amputated by Owen Meany so he could stay out of the Vietnam War (more about this later), out of disgust with his native land he emigrated to Toronto, where he teaches English literature in an Anglican academy for young ladies. (He has abandoned his ancestral Congregationalism for the Episcopal Church in America, the Anglican Church in Canada, and his constant companion is the Book of Common Prayer.) The book is as discursive as an undergraduate bull session, and the plot, simplicity itself, raises as many questions as stories of miracles usually do. Owen Meany, the little saint (the scene in which he is left hanging on a coat hook also suggests a ''Christ figure''), is unrecognized by all in the school town except his straight man and adoring disciple, the narrator John Wheelwright. Strange occurrences: Owen ''accidentally'' kills the narrator's mother (more about this later), and not only feels no guilt but manages to persuade the son that it was all foreseen (which means desired) by God. Since the narrator is illegitimate, her death seems necessary to our comprehending the inner perfection of a woman outwardly ''immoral.'' Strange occurrences: Owen foresees the exact day of his death as a martyr. His ''inside'' knowledge convinces him that he is God's messenger. Because he is so odd-looking and odd-sounding, he acts out the necessary paradox on earth suitable to men altogether holy within, though he can drink beer to excess and sleeps with the one girl in town unconventional enough to appreciate his stern disapproval of contemporary goings-on. Owen foresees everything in his life; in the startling climax he achieves martyrdom in the most exemplary way. But will this be really understood and appreciated by this damned generation?

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A Prayer for Owen Meany was the seventh novel by American writer John Irving

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A deluxe collector’s edition of John Irving’s beloved A Prayer for Owen Meany—a coming-of-age tale that ranks among the most cherished American classics, including To Kill a Mockingbird and Catcher in the Rye.In the summer of 1953, two eleven-year-old boys—best friends—are playing in a Little League baseball

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I see only one remark of mine that was admittedly off topic. Other than that I have provided quotes from the book and from the author, in answer to the question of Catholic-Bigotry which had been previously raised in the discussion. Which I would think was well within the relm of substance of the book. The capitalized letters is not my own personal anger. That is the way the author has the character of Oweny Meany speak. I did not at anytime disrespect, or insult anyone other reader. I would hope this blog was established with free-speech in mind. And that the moderators would leave their personal feelings out of the discussion. As bigoted a book as Prayer for Owen Meany is, I would still be against censoring. But the authors prejudice deserves to be exposed.

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Scenes from the Yale Dramatic Association's Freshman Show, an adaptation of John Irving's novel "A Prayer for Owen Meany," directed by Eric Sirakian ‘15, which will be staged April 5-7 at the Yale Repertory Theatre, 1120 Chapel St.