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The research, built upon previous studies, solid assumptions and thorough methology,is not at all quirky. It reveals that the participants in the lowtask interdependence thought that a partner should be conferred more statusthan did participants whose partner used a powerless speech style. However,when the task interdependence was high, the participants thought that thepowerless speech style was deserving of more status. The conclusion? Thecriteria for judgments in a group change as the criteria for successful performancechanges.

a. powerful speech is always more effective than powerless speech

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To get at the distinctives of speech style, Fragale examinesthe status conferral decisions—who gets the attention and the status—and whodoesn’t. But most individuals hold fairly fixed insights about who gets highand low status. For example, most believe that business professionals and therich who are typically thought to be highly proactive, self-regulating andself-centered, but not especially oriented to and protective of the communityhave the most status. In contrast, members of low-status groups such as housewivesand the elderly are viewed as highly communal. Since these perspectives arewidely held and applied broadly, powerful speech should always confer status onthe speaker—and powerless speech should always convey lower status.

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Fragale’s work emphasizes the necessity of a great dealof speech versatility for long term success. Interpersonal smarts, includingpowerless speech style, is an important factor of career success. Butsignificantly, her research emphasizes that “language is a defining feature ofhuman interaction.” As I wrote in last week’s blog, language truly shapes bothour thinking and our behavior.

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Takers tend to use powerful speech that is assertive and direct. Givers tend to use more powerless speech, talking with tentative markers like these:The same testimony can be presented in powerful or powerless speech styles. Witnesses using a powerful speech style are more credible to jurors.These markers send a clear message to the audience: the speaker lacks confidence and authority. When givers use powerless speech, they show us that they have others' best interests at heart. By speaking with greater speed, volume, assertiveness and certainty, takers distance themselves from their audience. By listening to others, givers end up benefiting from advice and input from others.
Powerful and Powerless Speech Styles, Depth of Message Processing, and Rational/Experiential Message Processing.

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O'Barr collected taped segments of court testimony exemplifying powerless speech. New tapes were then made by actors to replicate as closely as possible the speech characteristics in the original testimony. A second tape by the same actors omitted the linguistic features of powerless speech, generating the same testimony in a powerful style. Jurors hearing the powerful speech testimony rated the witness as more believable, convincing, competent, trustworthy and intelligent as compared to the same testimony using a powerless style.

b. powerless speech, while usually not so effective, can benefit a persuader when the goal is to appear humble and more humane

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In fascinating research, Alison Fragale, of NorthCarolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, argues that though assertive speechgains the rewards of status, powerless speech, too, can confer. . .

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O'Barr (1982) investigated the courtroom speech style of witnesses, and identified two speech styles: powerless speech (i.e., low social power) and powerful speech. Powerless speech includes:Powerful speech occurs when powerless linguistic forms are not used.