“Poverty is the mother of crime” — Marcus Aurelius

It was Nehru Ghandhi that stated: “Poverty is the mother of crime”. Our nation is fighting crime of various kinds. Instead for the government to address the root cause of crime, such as abject poverty, unemployment, shortage of power, closure of industries, urban migration, and over population, as well as increase of illitracy caused by non-availability of education. In the North West and North East of Nigeria, a high percentage of the school aged have no access to western education. That gave room for pools where the Islamic fundamentalists got their recruitment. Almost a daily occurence, bomb goes up, killing innocent citizens, even in their homes and at work places. The economic and social implications of this insurgency will take another ten years to reorder. The numbers of the displaced persons are growing daily, with the economic recession, that part of the country may for a long time to come not witness development.

I think the poverty is the mother of crime.

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Poverty is the mother of crime. ~Marcus Aurelius

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Jean de la Bruyere wrote, "if poverty is the mother of crime, stupidity is its father." In this course, we shall study various literary treatments of crime, and of the criminals who commit it. We shall ask ourselves questions such as, what sort of person becomes a thief, a prostitute, or a murderer? What forces compel him/her to cross the line into the underworld of criminality? In what ways does having done so affect his/her life and the lives of those closest to him/her?

"Poverty is the mother of crime; wealth is its father."

The Roman emperor and Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius is supposed to have said, “poverty is the mother of crime.” Carson, on the other hand, appeals to the same that children born out of wedlock or raised by single parents become criminals.

Poverty is the mother of crimes Poverty is the circumstances of having unsatisfactory earnings or..

"Poverty is the mother of crime." - Marcus Aurelius

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