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Between 2011 and 2013 the Center for Historical Research at OhioState University (OSU), in collaboration with scholars fromthroughout the university, hosted a two-year program of seminars,lectures, and fellowships on the problem of “Health, Disease, andEnvironment in World History.” The articles hereby Nükhet Varlık, Katherine Arner, and Tamara Mann are a smallsample of the excellent work presented by six fellows and twentyvisiting and OSU scholars. These articles in particular bringtogether the important new work that scholars are doing on the roleof the state in shaping the health of populations.

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I don't know much about the OSU scholars program. I am sure that every advantage one might find within the HTC program could be found at OSU along with others that OU might not be able to offer. The difference is that you will need to work much harder to find them and will be competing with a much larger group of bright students. I would think the program would be more standardized and it would be difficult to deviate greatly form the formal degree path.

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What's unique about the Honda-OSU scholarship program is the commitment of the Honda-OSU Partnership to not only track each student's academic progress, but to develop a relationship with the scholars while they attend OSU.

work presented by six fellows and twenty visiting and OSU scholars
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Social and networking activities are also a critical component of summer research programs, as they facilitate development of a research community among veterinary students. In addition to the national symposium, MU scholars participated in several activities, including tours of Bayer and the Stowers Institute in Kansas City, Mo., a trip to the University of Oklahoma Heath Sciences Center’s BSL2 and baboon breeding facilities in Oklahoma City, and a trip to Pfizer in St. Louis, Mo. One highlight of the program was meeting scholars from Kansas State University and Oklahoma State University at Kansas City’s Worlds of Fun amusement park. Participants got to know each other during the ‘Lab Olympics,’ where four mixed teams of MU, KSU and OSU scholars competed in events such as the pipette race, the gel toss, and the biohazard sack race. The national symposium also featured social activities including a barbecue at the Potter Zoo, where a few lucky MU scholars actually assisted in a wound repair of a gray fox.

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Rising sea levels will inundate cities and lowlands, displacing moret than one billion people and flooding low-elevation farmland with saltwater. Coastal erosion will also destroy plant habitat and release carbon dioxide. A global hike in temperatures of just 1-2 degrees Celsius could raise sea levels by 20 feet, according to a study of the geologic record just released last week by OSU scholars Anders Carlson and Peter Clark.

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