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Reuben Abati, Land Grab and the Oath of Omerta | N.I.A.

I am just curious, I am a big "fan" (if you can call it that) of the Italian Mafia and Mafia Movies in America. I have heard bits and pieces about Organized Crime in Brazil.. from the "Bingo Mafia" to the more recent news stories of druglords. So, other than drugs and "bingo", is there a "mafia" in Brazil, and if so, what types of businesses are they involved in? Are there any connections to the Italian mob? Things like "made men", the oath of Omerta, etc.... Any info on this would be appreciated.

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After rising to boss of the family, Massino broke ranks and became the highest-ranking mobster to ever break the mob's oath of omerta when he testified at the 2011 trial of his successor. He's also expected to testify at the Asaro trial.

words to the oath of omerta
To become made, the inductee is required to take the oath of Omertà or, "code of silence." Though the ceremony varies from family to family, it usually involves the pricking of the trigger finger of the inductee, then dripping blood onto a picture of a Saint, typically St. Francis of Assisi or the Virgin Mary, which is then set alight in his hand and kept burning until the inductee has sworn the oath of loyalty to his new "family," e.g., "As this card burns, may my soul burn in Hell if I betray the oath of Omertà," or "As burns this saint, so will burn my soul. I enter alive and I will have to get out dead." However, contrary to popular depictions in films, the burning of the image of the family's saint (sometimes a tissue is substituted) is not a test of will. The paper is juggled from hand to hand by the new member and it burns so quickly that no damage is done if he juggles the burning paper.Valenti, a Bonanno associate who has pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy, is expected to take the witness stand to testify about Asaro's alleged role in the Lufthansa heist and a gruesome murder of a suspected mob turncoat. Other witnesses will include former Bonanno boss Joseph Massino, the highest-ranking mobster to ever break the mob's oath of omerta by becoming a government witness.In the early 1990s, Milano moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and was in control of the L.A. family's interests in the city. In 1998 Milano was one of several people named in a series of indictments that stemmed from a two-year investigation of organized crime in Southern Nevada. Milano admitted developing a fraudulent diamond scheme in the winter of 1996 with that was never carried out and laundering $50,000 from a food stamp fraud. In 2000, he was sentenced to 21 months in prison by federal judge Philip Martin Pro. During the investigation Milano admitted to being the Underboss of the L.A. family and that his brother was Boss. This violated the Mafia's oath of Omertà. He considered becoming a government witness, but changed his mind. Despite this sought no reprisals for his brother's betrayal, who continued to remain underboss when released from prison. The ramifications of this unprecedented sweep are many. First, the sheer size of the group of Defendants is a tactical weapon being played by the Feds. If, for example, only two men are arrested and charged with a crime, all each has to worry about is if the other one will "flip," become a co-operating witness, in order to receive a reduced prison term, in exchange for testifying against his co-defendant. If each man knows the other very well, and believes he is committed to the oath of Omerta, there's a good chance both men will stand firm and hope their criminal lawyers will be able to win the case against them.
Made men take an oath of omerta, or silence. They are expected to do anything for the family — including murder.

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This is a scene taken directly from the beginning of the movie. In this scene an FBI informant enters his deep undercover operation by swearing under the Cosa Nostra oath of Omerta and becoming a part of the Clemente Family.

Dumb luck, his lawyer said. Store workers took an oath of omerta, opting not to comment on the purchase.

It must take the oath of Omerta

The bond between gangsters and their mothers is more sacred than the oath of omerta and more complex than anything imagined by Oedipus. Pistone watched murderers suddenly grow misty when discussing their moms – or her meals.

Isn’t it time for the city to drop its oath of omerta and give that 95 percent of upright police officers their reputations back?

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Those were the words FBI Agent Janice Fedarcyk used in announcing the largest scale takedown of American Mafia members in U. S. history, in which 127 not-so-wise guys along the Eastern Seaboard were rounded up by an army of almost 800 members of law enforcement. Members of all 5 of New York City's Mafia Families were among those arrested, although the Colombo Family was hit hardest, with virtually every member in leadership positions now under Federal lockup. The quote of Agent Fedarcyk, head of the New York City Office, is a reference to evidence obtained by high-ranking members of the Mob who had broken their oath of Omerta and wore a wire on members of their own criminal gang.