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In the Short Story "My Greatest Ambition", Morris Lurie portrays the main character sense of disillusionment through using emphaty. At the beginnig of the story, he wants to be a comic-strip artist... but at the end, he deicides that he doesn't want it anymore. First he calls his freiends "dreamers" then he thinks that he is a dreamer, too. He thinks like that because he dissillusioned when he gets the last letter from " Boy Magazine". Morris Lurie does not create Nu as a emotional person because he doesn't cry when he reads the letter, he just gives up his dream. That shows us he isn't a determinded person. He thinks becoming a comic strip artist is risky so he doesn't try to connect another Magazine. He is so disappointed, he doesn't find the courage to follow his great ambition.

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“My greatest ambition is to have a career without becoming a career woman.” – Audrey Hepburn

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Let me take a minute for an introduction. While I was studying flute performance with James Pappoutsakis at the New England Conservatory in Boston, I found a job apprenticing with Powell Flutes – the best in the business. Every day I learned something new, and I became skilled in the art of flute making. My lessons with “Mr. P” as we called him, made me aware of his concept of sound and tone. My lessons at Powell Flutes made me aware of the mechanical aspects of the art of flute making. My greatest ambition was to build under my own name.

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To work in an International Business environment has always been my greatest ambition. Since the first day I stepped into Saxion, the connected, enthusiastic, warm team at Saxion, left me with nothing but relief, motivation and determination to move through this study.

“My greatest ambition is to have a career without becoming a career woman.” – Audrey Hepburn
“My Greatest Ambition” probes the insecurities and inadequacies of adolescence. It is also about how condescendingly adults treat the ambitions and hopes of adolescents. When Nu declares he wants to be a comic strip artist, they think it is a passing fancy and say, “He’ll grow out of it”. Nu chooses to speak to his friend about his ambition as he wants to share it with someone non-judgmental.But if you mean MY greatest ambition ... I could say to fall in love, I could say to write a book, I could say to slip into roles as easily as a knife slips into butter. But most of all, I think, I want to be happy.

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What is your greatest ambition?
My greatest ambition is to find happiness in what I do every day. It is about finding the right balance between work, meeting with friends and family, traveling, etc. My greatest ambition regarding work is to learn every day and to constantly challenge myself. Standing still is no option for me!

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Like Howlin Wolf, Pops Staples was a heavyweight in the Chicago Blues scene with roots deep in the Mississippi Delta. Born and raised near Dockery Farms, Roebuck Staples learned to play his instrument at Charley Patton’s feet, picking up technique and musicianship from the older and popular bluesman. He later said about Charley’s playing, "That sold me on guitar," he recalled. "My greatest ambition was then to play and record."

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Dear Friend and Colleague,
. . . . As you know from our correspondence, my greatest ambition is to influence and help individuals achieve their highest artistic aspirations and that my services are customized and my fee negotiable.
. . . . While I continue to pursue my own artistic goals as a composer, a jazz musician, and a writer, my principal ambition is teaching and my website has been fashioned to attract gifted individuals like you.
. . . . You know that there is no special school-of-thought based on my own music. I believe in and my detail this notion very thoroughly.
. . . . My intention with my students is to enhance the actualization of their vision by expanding their contact with resources based on my perception of the original factors already discernible in their work.
. . . . I fully expect that those who consult with me will surpass me in every way possible, to my honor. Nor am I bothered if their fame or financial success exceeds my own. My focus is entirely upon making a good contribution to the art form of music not the promotion of myself. I have a great reverence for the art form that I have given so many years of my life to learn. I also cling to the notion of the nobility and the dignity of work in general.
. . . . Your attractive and intriguing music tells me that you too respect and love the art form of the composer and that your view is not narrowly limited to only music but is informed by other art forms and disciplines as well. I look forward to working with you.
. . . . Yours truly,
. . . . Ron Thomas