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Are you searching for motivation for becoming a teacher? This is a bit of info that may be helpful. The motivation for becoming a teacher is not the money because the income is not that much. Along the way the benefits are great but you may need another stream of income to retire with So let your motivation for becoming a teacher be the belief and desire to impact your students

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1. Going back in time, what was your motivation for becoming ateacher?

This gratitude was also a motivation for becoming a teacher

JeanetteCooper, a native Georgian, a former elementary school teacher, graduate ofUniversity of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Educationand a Master of Education, is mother of a son, grandmother of agrandson, and lives in North Florida near the Suwannee River. Her motivation for becoming a teacher was inspired by her work through the Laubach Literacy Program, teaching illiterate adults to read and write. Her motivation for writing started in her youth and took wings when she retired from teaching with an output of fourteen novels and one poetry book.

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Moore, as a classroom teacher using the CoVis project as well as other research-based science projects with his high schools students at a technical vocational high school, provided several insights into the factors important for implementing this kind of approach to science learning. Moore's background is in environmental science and his motivation for becoming a teacher was based on his belief that the best way to improve society's treatment of the environment is through education. But education about past scientific discoveries won't do it. He argued that students need to confront real and current environmental issues in much the same way researchers do. Moore selected the CoVis project because it afforded him and his students the opportunity to participate in a scientific community and that process has changed his instructional practices substantially. He commented that he now facilitates students' inquiry and gives much more responsibility to students. Moore concluded !with recommendations for researchers including the need for researchers to see teachers as intelligent and critical consumers of their research projects; the need for support beyond one shot workshops where teachers get lots of stuff that they don't know how to use once they get back to their classrooms; and the need for researchers to continually improve their products as needs change.

The main motivation for becoming a teacher was the self-perception of teaching-related ability
instrument to measure the factors influencing the motivation for becoming a teacher

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We recently had the opportunity to interview Indiana teacher Christi Fultz, an eight-year veteran of the third grade classroom. Christi earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education, and after teaching for several years, she returned to school to earn a master’s degree as well as an all grades reading specialist license. During our conversation, we discussed Christi’s motivation for becoming a teacher, her advice for teachers who are considering starting a professional blog, and how she incorporates technology into her classroom.

While money may not be the primary motivation for becoming a teacher, salaries matter

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As a child I was told that there is only one thing that can never be taken from you by other people - knowledge. I have since come to respect people who create and share knowledge with others. This, I consider to be the most meaningful thing a person can do in his or her life. Being a teacher has been an ambition for as long as I can remember. The gratification I get as I observe that wonderment of discovery and enlightenment when someone has learnt something new from me, is the fundamental motivation for becoming a teacher.

A personal statement of 500-800 words explaining your motivation for becoming a teacher

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