My mother and motherland is superior to heaven.

The above quote would mean, if one goes deeper, to say that it is better to server your mother and motherland than just enchanting God's name and doing . As any such service would be to serve the divine purpose and be the part of the master plan, and hence serve divinity.

Mother and motherland is superior to heaven.

My mother and motherland is superior to heaven.

1. Mother and Motherland Are Greater Than Heaven

The winners were: Kum. Kasturi Shah from Thiruvanantapuram for high school level, Kum. Anita Tajuddin from Palakkad district for inter-collegiate level, and Ms Sheetal MC from Kozhikode for college level. The topics for the competition were Love All Serve All, Mother and Motherland and Need For Ethics In Social Life for the three levels respectively. Over 24,700 students representing 1000 educational institutions participated in the competition this year.

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Anna Baumgart. How the Trained Girls Make Love Movies
A human as a political animal is a human that has a voice to avoid invisibility. The artist will show her films: Ecstatic, Hysterical and Other Saintly Ladies, Supplement to the Piece on Mother and Motherland, and The Cranes Are Flying.

Also, mother and motherland are of similar value. (look at 's comment)
Born into war, Sophie English was just 10 months old when her connections with her mother and motherland were broken. Now returning to Vietnam she meets Le Thi Can, a mother who relinquished a child. , says Le Thi Can. , Sophie responds, confronting emotions she had always repressed. Now, international adoption laws mean that those who would have been sent overseas in the past will stay in Vietnam. The Australian government wants to reopen adoptions from Vietnam but as advocate Deborra-Lee Furness warns, the focus must be on the child and their integration. An exploration of the dangers and benefits of international adoption, this report is also a touching tale of a search for identity, and of making peace with the past.The imagery of nation-as-mother and motherland evokes even more passionate responses. Nalini Natarajan argues that the image of the mother is used because it "suggests common mythic origins. Like the land (which gives shelter and 'bears'), she is eternal, patient, essential." There seems to be a primordial sense of connection between land (dharti) and mother; both are perceived as being in need of protection; both are loved and admired; both are respected; there a willingness to die for the honour of each. The irony is that while the trope of mother-as-nation is so powerful in nationalist thought, actual mothers and women are unequal, lesser citizens with less rights in the nation-state's structure of power. The discriminatory laws about women in Pakistan bear ample testimony to that.
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Very Nice Message about Mother and MotherLand

Today we are celebrating Easwaramma Day to propagate the glory of motherhood. Theworld is sustained by the prayers of mothers. A woman's prayer is more powerful than athousand prayers of men because women are pure and tender-hearted. Never causedispleasure to your mother. Never hurt her feelings. Then God will help you in all yourendeavors. One calls one's country motherland and not fatherland. Thus, mother isgiven an exalted position in the world. Consider your country as your own mother andwork for its progress. Under any circumstances, do not cause any harm to your motherand motherland. This is the significance and main teaching of today's celebration.

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58. Mother and Motherland - Sathya Sai Speaks

in the heart, is proved by the history that has gathered round his song. Every year that goes by, the images of the Mother become more and more deeply, each in its turn, entwined with the thought of India to the Indian heart. Mother and Motherland--where ends the one and where begins the other? Before which does a man stand with folded hands, when he bows his head still lower, and says with a new awe: "My Salutation to the Mother!"

This Sanskrit verse can be translated as "Mother and motherland are superior ..

Mother and Motherland - Subhashita Sangraha

For this Heaven (Mother and Motherland) our brave soldiers keep vigil day and night 24 hours and put there life on the volley of Gun fires. People work for the progress, Scientists work for better Today and Tomorrow and players put there life for our National Flag.