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• Nazlina Shaari, Hiroyuki Aoki, Mitsunori Kubo and Fumio Terauchi, (2002). Haptic Evaluation of Malay Females Traditional Clothes in Kansei Perspective, International Journal of Kansei Engineering, Vol.3, No.2 (010), p. 23-30. ISSN: 135-1928

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Malaysian traditional clothes:Malay’s traditional costumes are three kinds

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I tried to avoid Petaling street or chinatown to do my shopping as the atmosphere and people there makes me uncomfortable. You can see local chinese or people from sabah and sarawak being very pushy on their sale. I would prefer the saturday market at masjid india. Its is quite a big area selling malay traditional clothes, scarfs, cloths, houshold items, religious books and jewelleries. The back alley of Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman is pack only on saturay with stalls selling cheap items. Shopping in KLCC and Pavillion are similar to what to get at orchard rd in singapore. You can get almost every brands and retails under one roof at these malls. Head down to the malls beside bukit bintang LRT station for electronic goods. I thinks its called plaza Low Yatt and Bukit Bintang Plaza.

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On the first day of their visit, the students from Beijing were introduced to the well-known Malay and Indian delicacies such as kuih lapis, kuih talam jagung and murukku, which they thoroughly enjoyed.

On the second day, they had the opportunity to experience an art class where they were taught how to draw manga characters and to experience a specially prepared cultural programme by the MTL Department such as the Indian cultural dance and henna-painting as well as a myriad of Malay traditional activities such as traditional games, trying on Malay traditional clothing and traditional Malay chorale singing (dikir barat). Their enthusiasm and willingness to try was heartening indeed.

It was an enriching cultural exchange programme as we also learnt nuggets of information from our visitors. It was interesting to note that while most of us Crescentians would eventually attempt 7 to 9 subjects for our GCE ‘O’ Levels, our counterparts from Beijing had to take on ten compulsory subjects from the ages of 12 or 13 years old.

We also shared common interests for example common traditional games such as five stones and chapteh which indeed originated from China. As a token of our appreciation, they were each given a fan with the words “Terima Kasih”, meaning thank you in Malay, for their visit to CGS and the wonderful memories that we shared with them over the two-day visit. A treasured moment was when we sang our school song for them and they in turn sang their school song for us. We hope to keep in touch with our new-found friends via email and look forward to future exchanges with Beijing 171 High School.

Reported by : Nurin Huda Bte Hanif (3C1) and friends

Photos courtesy of Mr Zhu Hai Bin (CL Teacher)

This is one of the Malay traditional clothes, it is call baju kebaya.Happy Holidays everyone!:)
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Malay traditional clothes of Baju Kurung and Baju Kebaya

Research completed: An Appraisal of Female’s Sensibility in Malay Traditional Clothes- The Excogitation of Kansei Engineering in Clothing (PhD research), UNIMAS Grant (1999-2003) 7 papers published.

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