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For their involvement in various aspects of the making and meaning of this article, the author thanks Julia Adams, Daniel Bell, Fred Block, Kacey Christiansen, Frank Dobbin, Gloria Gibson, Thomas Green, Richard Lempert, Larry Miller, Jane Rafferty, Bill Sewell, Marc Steinberg, Arthur Stinchcombe, Charles Tilly, Harrison White and the anonymous Law and Social Inquiry referees. For generous support during much of the period during which this research was carried out, she thanks the University of Michigan for Rackham Faculty Recognition, Rackham Faculty Support, Rackham Research Partnership, LSA College Faculty Assistance, and Office of the Vice‐president for Research Grants.

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Roseanne Sension received her BA in Chemistry and Mathematics (magna cumlaude) from Bethel University in St. Paul MN. She did her graduate work atthe University of California, Berkeley with Herb Strauss, and received herPhD in Chemistry in 1986. She was a postdoctoral researcher at theUniversity of Oregon (with Bruce Hudson) and the University of Pennsylvania(with Robin Hochstrasser) before joining the faculty of the ChemistryDepartment at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1992. She iscurrently a Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Physics at theUniversity of Michigan. She is also a member of the LSA college executivecommittee at Michigan (2011-2014). She was a Lady Davis Visiting Professor,Hebrew University, Jerusalem (2001). She served as co-chair, for LaserScience 2011 (LS2011). She has been recognized for teaching through the LSAExcellence in Education award at Michigan (2005). Her research involvesultrafast spectroscopy and optical control of molecular reactions withparticular emphasis on compounds of interest as optically driven molecularmotors and molecular switches. She is a Fellow of the American PhysicalSociety and a long-time member of both the American Chemical Society andthe American Physical Society. She lives with her family near Ann Arbor.

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Manager, LSA College Connections Program at the University of Michigan
She is also a member of the LSA college executive committee at Michigan (2011-2014)

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