He expected she would, sure as shootin'; lotted on it, they say.

Because of the high energy and protein content of distillers grains, it may not be necessary to feed cows to their capacity in a dry-lot situation.

6 letters in word "lotted": D E L O T T.

Q. i smoke a lot ! what syndromes should i expect to develop health wise?

There are 6 letters in lotted: D E L O T T

Dye-lotted coutil is available in limited quantity and colors may change seasonally. Please to confirm that we have the color and yardage needed to complete your project as colors from roll to roll may vary. Due to variations in computer monitor settings, the color you see may vary from the actual product. Free swatches are available upon request.

40 words found using the letters in "Lotted"

Trade and private buyers alike can expect to find lots of interesting items within the auction which is split over three floors, period marble fire surrounds, chandeliers, wall appliqués, iron work and unique, quirky decorative items will be sold to the highest bidder. There will also be a good selection of greyhound and canine bronzes in the auction, which are part of John's private collection. All in all, a fascinating and vast collection of items that'll suit anyone's taste and budget.

So we lotted out the land, of which there is enough for hundreds, and began to build rude houses.
A lot is ordinarily one of several contiguous pieces of land of which a block is composed. Real property is commonly described in terms of lot and block numbers on recorded maps and plats.Q. Lot’s of time at home, too close to the fridge - any tips? I’m starting my 6 months-preparation period for my finals next month, which mean I’ll spend practically all day at home, in a dangerous vicinity to the fridge. I already lost 25 pounds that I rather not gain again. Does any one have any tips how to avoid the dangers of being at home so much? ?LOT. Anything on which depends the accidental determination of a right by which we acquire or lose something; or it is that which fortuitously determines what we are to acquire. When it can be certainly known what are our rights, we ought never to resort to a decision by lot; but when it is impossible to tell what actually belong to us, as if an estate is divided into three parts and one part given to each of three persons, the proper way to ascertain each one's part is to draw lots. Wolff, Dr. &c., de la Nat. Sec. 669.a universal means for apportioning benefits, burdens, social responsibilities, and the like, developed and widely used in all ancient societies. Casting lots was especially important in the rural (nonkinship) commune for the distribution of allotments of plowland for individual use. The plot of land thus received was also itself known as a lot, as in the ancient Greek term or old Polish . In Athens during the fifth century B.C., lots were employed in assigning posts of social responsibility. The ancient Romans also cast lots to determine those condemned in the practice of decimation, that is, the execution of every tenth person in cases of group crimes or when the guilty party could not be discovered. Medieval law and custom preserved the use of lots for the allotment of inheritances, shares of communal land, taxes and responsibilities.
So, or since, the Black Stone had wandered into an auction, for the lotted paper was still on it.

He expected she would, sure as shootin'; lotted on it, they say.

You can view the available lot or serial numbers for an item from its - Lot / Serial # tab. When you double click a particular # the Lot / Serial # Edit dialog box will show. From here you can change the details of the # including the number itself.

They was lotted of a certain tract and if it stay clear a certain time to get it all done.

When you click OK you see the Enter Lot / Serial Numbers screen:

Old English "object (anything from dice to straw, but often a chip of wood with a name inscribed on it) used to determine someone's share," also "what falls to a person by lot," from Proto-Germanic (cf. Old Norse "lot, share," Old Frisian "lot," Old Saxon , Middle Dutch, Dutch , Old High German "share of land," German ; Old English "to cast lots, to foretell"), of unknown origin. The object was placed with others in a receptacle, which was shaken, the winner being the one that fell out first. Hence, to . In some cases the lots were drawn by hand. The word was adopted from Germanic into the Romanic languages (cf. ). Meaning "choice resulting from the casting of lots" first attested c.1200.

Sense of "plot of land" is first recorded 1630s (distribution of the best property in new settlements often determined by casting lots), that of "group, collection" is 1725, from notion of auction lots. The generalized sense of "great many" is first attested in 1812. To another is to agree to share winnings.

She's outgrown most of her clothes, an' I'd 'lotted on having her sew some.

There are 3 main definitions of lot in English:

As a management consideration, limit-fed diets should contain some low quality forage to slow down rate of passage of the diet through the digestive tract which will help cows adapt to being dry-lotted. In another experiment, pregnant cows were drylotted and limit fed without a negative effect on cow performance (; 2012 Nebrask Beef Cattle Report; PDF 141KB).