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American Academy of Arts & Letters Award in Architecture
Progressive Architecture Award, Citation
CDLT 1,2 House Addition

Letters in Architecture | A Photo Journey

Letter W In Architecture Fun things with letters of

Letter S In Architecture Architects alphabet on.

The work has been published locally and internationally and has received many awards. 50+ from the AIA, 20+ from Progressive Architecture Magazine, 35 industry and Trades, and 20+ Civic Organizations. Although awards serve a purpose and are an index of qualitative peer review, we have decided to not pursue them as part of our life practice.

Professor Rotondi received the American Academy of Arts and Lettersin Architecture Award for his body of work in 1992 and in 2009, the AIA/LA Gold Medal for his contributions as a Practitioner and a Teacher, and in 2013 he was elected by his peers as one of the 30 most admired Design Educators in America. He has lectured and taught locally, nationally, and internationally for many years.

Letter Y In Architecture Letter art- letter y- 4x6

Letter A In Architecture Letter forms 0600239
Letter E In Architecture Letter e, alphabet photography

Letter R In Architecture Download letter r 098

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This activity was geared towards finding letters in architecture and nature

using Arabic letters in Architecture