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The half circle on which the school monogram rests represents the rising sun. This together with the rays of the sun above it, symbolises the beginning of learning. The spirals or takarangi, meaning drifting clouds on each side of the monogram represent the struggle and effort, the pain and the joy of school life. Students are represented by carved figures facing out on both sides. They acquire knowledge at school in order to share it with others. The carved face at the top represents the Principal of the school who overlooks the running of the school. The spirals on both sides of the Principal are traditional designs on the front of a war canoe, and its Principal, the Captain who leads, guides, directs and controls its movements.

That's the joy of school life

Very little or none of the fun and joy of school life came through to me

There was the joy of school life evident in Orimoto's words

Teachers, administrators, and parents now stand together, to say NO to punitive Common Core, test-based reform. We all want to see teaching that instills a love for learning, classroom environments where the joy of school life becomes the new normal for our young learners, and most importantly a return to common sense and developmentally appropriate, best practices. Public schools where teachers are free from the pressures of test prep, free to do what's best for the students they know and love.

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'KimiTodo' depicts the development of unconditional friendship, joy of school life, difficulty of confession, and awkward and blushing first love. All of which staple themes of seishun (coming of age romance) genre, which begs the question: "Why anime?" I was puzzled at first, because live-action TV dorama offers far larger audience than that of anime, and as Japanese networks have been shifting from housewives to fangirls as main dorama targets in recent years, seishun has become the perfect dorama genre. So why does the author and producers decide to waste money drawing something they could've easily filmed live-action to reach fewer, less relevant audience for a seishun manga series? It became clear to me by the end of second season that there were two main reasons. First, it is apparent by the end of second season that 'KimiTodo' is a mediocre knockoff of 'Nobuta'... it would never be appreciated by the 'Nobuta' audience, thus cannot be aired in prime time. Second, pacing. While there are plenty of slow paced dorama around, 'KimiTodo' appears to drag on forever with endless shoujo monologues. This series would have been completely unwatchable without the chibi-forms used to constantly provide comedic relief.

“An album a class” which reminded our students the joy of school life, was organized
So All must be excited for the farewell as its the most enjoying moment nd deep down inside you know that all the fun nd joy of school life ends with it

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What's unusual about it is that for the first half specifically and the series in general, there's a tremendous focus on the joy of school life

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In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

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