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Since Johns Hopkins undergraduates spend so much time slaving away in labs for classes or research or just because they don’t have anything else better to do on a Friday night, it’s only fitting that those labs be beautiful. Hopkins has always had nice facilities, but this new 105,000 square-foot facility really takes the cake.

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I love Dr. Tanchel and Travis at Liberty Eye Center. While my vision was not that bad (-2.50)- I was really tired of wearing glasses and contacts so I decided to start shopping around the area for lasik surgery. The going standard for lasik in this town is around $5000 which was about $2000 more than what I was willing to pay since I knew that I could go back to California and pay that much plus I would be getting a free trip out of it essentially. So I gave myself a 3 month window to shop around and do some homework. I did my internet research and found some good deals here and there but most of the places I found were in Baltimore, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, etc which would have made it a pain to travel to for follow-up appointments.

I first went to LasikPlus and was quoted $3500 but I never got to meet the doctor and the employees were essentially trained robots who pushed each client through an assembly line type of screening. In fact, my quote was printed off the computer from the receptionist after plugging in a bunch of my information- she had no power to negotiate or make any deals whatsoever. I was also recommended to do PRK instead of Lasik which I wasn't so sure about.

Then, as if the clouds of heaven parted- I saw the Groupon deal for Liberty Eye Center. After the rave reviews I purchased the deal and it really is as good as everyone on Yelp says it is. The deal is comprehensive so I didn't have to pay anything extra to them (Note: you will have to purchase special drops before your operation at the drug store). Dr. Tanchel said that I was a candidate for lasik and did not understand why I was ever considered to be only a PRK candidate. How interesting! So I had my lasik procedure done last Thursday and I went back for a follow-up on Friday with 20/15 vision! I had no complications whatsoever and the procedure was painless but just uncomfortable/weird (I was surprised by how loud the machine was and the smell). I don't think that I even bled since it was a bladeless procedure and the laser does everything. Plus my husband got to watch the whole thing from the glass viewing room which was really neat for him. Frankly, the worst part is overcoming your own fears but 10 minutes for a lifetime of perfect vision is well worth it. Dr. Tanchel and Travis are both so professional and friendly. She is so sweet and one smart lady (John Hopkins undergrad/ Emory med school y'all). I would recommend Liberty to anyone in a heartbeat- and I bought the Groupon through ebates so I got like another $75 cashback. Boo yah! My only recommendation is to schedule an procedure earlier in the day since you don't want to be stuck in traffic when you want to get home and rest. And hope you like Seinfeld.

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She is so sweet and one smart lady (John Hopkins undergrad/ Emory med school y'all)

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