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John Updegraff and Naomi Eisenberger

Locals were invited to an open house at John de Graff School on April 24, where details of the city’s plan to add a lane to the road between Munroe Avenue and Kimberly Avenue over the course of the next year were revealed. Construction is expected to start this summer.

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Tuckahoe NY: John de Graff 1966, 1st. A tugman's holiday sketchbook, 140 sketches made on four holidays to Europe. Dust jacket, yellow cloth, 9x11, near Fine.“Interview with Juliet Schor,” in Global Values 101: A Short Course in Progressive Ideas for the 21st Century, editors Brian Palmer, Kate Holbrook, Ann Kim and Anna Portnoy (Boston: Beacon Press), 2006.
“The (even more) Overworked American,” in John de Graff, editor, Take Back Your Time: Fighting Overwork and Time Poverty in America (San Francisco: Berrett-Koehler:) 2003.JOHN DE GRAFF, farmer, one mile south of Rossville, 225 acres in Section 10,Lots 1 and 2, comprising 117 in Section 9, and 132.83 acres in Section 3, inall 474.83 acres, of which 300 acres are improved, balance in timberconsisting of walnut, hickory, hackberry, oak and sycamore - all under fenceexcept timber land. In 1882, had 200 acres of corn, forty acres of wheat. Hasthirty-seven cattle, forty-six hogs, eight horses, and thirteen calves. Thehouse is 20x36 one-story; has six rooms. First part was built in 1867, andcost then about $1,500. The addition was built in 1880 at a cost of $400. Barnis 20x30; capacity, eight horses and five tons of ha; built in 1878 at a costof $500. Granary 12x16; will hold 900 bushels of wheat. Stone smokehouse12x16, one-story; cost $120. Mr. De Graff came to Kansas, July 7, 1865, andobtained his land through Indian title. When he came to Kansas there were not1,000 people in Topeka and Rossville had two houses and the white people onewould see were Government troops, freighters and emigrants on their way toCalifornia and New Mexico. He located on his land in 1867. Was born inMenoska Falls, near Burlington, Vt., August 18, 1832, where he resided untilabout fourteen, and then moved with his parents to Rochester, N. Y., wherethey remained about a year, and then moved to South Bend, Ind., and remaineduntil coming to Kansas. He learned the carpenter's trade in South Bend ofJames Andrews, contractor and builder of that city. Was married September 28,1867, at South Bend, Ind., to Miss Frances Navarre, a native of South Bend,and a lady of Indian extraction, being related to the Pottawatomies. They havesix children - Mary Frances, John Isadore, Ellen Alice, Joseph, George andWilliam. The family attend the Catholic Church. Mr. De Graff has always beenan active Republican. He has seen the ups and downs of Kansas life and in thefall of 1865 saw the grasshoppers so thick that the trains could not run, andassisted in sanding the track at Rossville so the cars could run. He hasvisited his Indiana home twice since coming West in 1872 and 1881. He has anorchard of 150 apple trees, 200 grape vines, and other fruits. Has severalcomfortable tenement houses on his land.When: Saturday, February 7
Extended Voting Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Where: John de Graff School, 1020 Louelda Street, Winnipeg
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Tuckahoe NY: John de Graff 1965. A collection of 125 ship sketches made from the deck of a tugboat by noted maritime historian and artist Frank O. Braynard. Dust jacket ragged along top rear edge with small triangular portion missing, tall 4to in ochre cloth with titles on front board, illustrated throughout, 143pp, Very Good.

: The All-Consuming Epidemic by John De Graff,David  and Thomas H. Naylor; -KoehlerPublishers,

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City of Winnipeg project manager Neil Myska is shown at an open house discussing plans to twin Molson Street at John de Graff School on April 24.

Braynard, Frank O. . Tuckahoe, NY: John de Graff, Inc., 1965. Signed by the author.

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The local discussion group’s guest, author and filmmaker John de Graff, is on a personal campaign against an epidemic of over-consumption, or what he calls affluenza. De Graff produced the 1997 film “Affluenza” and co-wrote a book by the same name, which has been translated into 10 languages.