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E. By starting the kilafat movement gandhiji was actually the father of muslim separatism in india. Gandhi's logic was ridiculous "If we support muslims for kilafat movement for reinstalling kalifa in turkey (against the wishes of turkey people) then muslims in india, in return, will support hindus and hindu-muslim unity will happen in india”. This was proved as an Absolute ridiculous logic !! According to this logic, if gandhi lived today, he will advise hindus to support ISIS and their khalifate (Abubakar baghdadi) so that muslims in india will support hindus in india in return and hindu-muslim unity will flourish in india. This ideology is propagated in india by seculars of india as "gandhian ideology of secularism". Remember, in 1922, no muslims in any other country in the world start protesting for reinstalling the kalifa in turkey against the wishes of their own people. Yes it happened only in India. Can anybody deny the fact that this ignited the muslim separatism and ended in partition.??

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jahan mazhab kay naam par behti hai khoon kee nadiya-it happens only in india

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I believe Gandhi was the only person in the known human history so far who served as a benevolent ruler – though It was an Ideal of Socrates and actually the Western democracy to have such a ruler, it happened only in India so far…
I really hope one day we will have more leaders like him. Thanks again for this reminder!

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With the arrival of the hijacked plane at Kandahar options for India were much reduced. India does not recognise Taleban regime and in fact continues to host Rabbani regime representative in Delhi as Ambassador of Afghanistan. After imposition of sanctions UN does not have the usual kind of leverage but a determined approach on a humanitarian problem could not have gone unresponded. The only countries who have relations with Taliban are Saudi Arabia, UAE and Pakistan. A serious Indian effort to get the good offices of the Arabs could have yielded results. In the holy month of Ramazan it would take a heartless Muslim to say 'No' to the envoys from the land of the Holy Prophet. India however seemed more intent to play a larger scale political game than concentrate on the immediate and more limited objective of getting the release of her citizens. Indians approached Russia for moving the UN Security Council, eight other countries whose nationals were among the hostages to intercede on their behalf and as for itself the Government of India engaged in endless 'talkathons' with the cabinet, opposition parties parliamentarians, press, relatives of the hostages. In short they were talking to everybody except those who could have solved their problem-the hijackers and their hosts. Everywhere the ubiquitous Mr. Govinda gyrated in the background to the titillating tune; 'It happens only in India' as if to explain the culture.

try to include one joke... u find 'it happens only in india' jokes EVERYWHERE :)
Jahaan din nikale sunkar shlok kunbaani aur ajaan
Allaah o allaah
Jahaan din nikale sunkar shlok kunbaani aur ajaan
Jahaan majhab se uncha hai insaan saare ek samaan
Are aanch nahi hai saanch ko chaahe dekh le saari duniya
It happens only in india (repeat 2 times)Prem kahaani mere desh ki, ek se ek niraali
Jahaan sohni ne mahiwaal ke khaatir apani jaan gawaayi
Jahaan raanjhe ne heer ki ik pal na sahi judaayi
Aa aa aa aa…
Jahaan sohni ne mahiwaal ke khaatir apani jaan gawaayi
Aur raanjhe ne heer ki ik pal na sahi judaayi
Jahaan shirin aur farhaad ke ishq mein bahin dudh ki nadiya
It happens only in india……..
It happens only in india (repeat 8 times)Lagata hai khud kudrat iss dharati pe aakar khelein
Jahaan maan se lori sune bina bachchon ko na aaye nindiya
It happens only in india (repeat 2 times)
It happens only in India.

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Jahaan jung pe jaaye sipaahi toh khud sajani tilak lagaaye
Muh se toh kuchh na bole chupake chupake nir bahaaye
Aur ashkon se apane likhakar bheje pyaar ki chiththiya
It happens only in india (repeat 2 times)

it happens only in india……..

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Meera ne pikar jehar ka pyaala preet ki reet nibhaayi
Jahaan prem ki dhun pe gopiyon sang naache krishna kanhaiya
Kahin hota hai re bhaiya
It happens only in india (repeat 2 times)

it happens only in india……..

It Happens Only In India Lyrics (Pardesi Babu (1998))

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