Psych101 Test #2: Intuitive thought substage

It is also during the intuitive thought substage that the child begins to develop an important reasoning ability. This is conservation. This is the concept that altering a substances appearance will not change its basic properties. A famous example of this is Piaget’s conservation of liquid task, where he presented two similar sized containers containing a similar amount of liquid. Piaget then poured the liquid from one of the containers into a different size container. When the child begins to experience conservation, the child would state that the amount of liquid was still the same, while before developing this concept, the child would state that the amount of liquid had changed.

CDE 232 : Piaget's Intuitive thought substage

•Symbolic Function Substage • Intuitive Thought Substage

The second substage is the intuitive thought substage, ..

For the social work exam, you should know that the preoperational stage is split into two smaller substages. The first is the symbolic function substage, which occurs approximately between the ages of 2-7. In this stage the child can think in images or symbols, but is not able to manipulate this information in logical ways. The second substage is the intuitive thought substage, which tends to emerge between the ages of 4-7. This substage represents the beginnings of primitive reasoning, and its hallmark is an increasing curiosity in the child. A typical question during this time period is asking why something is the way that it is.

Symbolic Function Substage; Intuitive Thought Substage;

Children in the Intuitive Thought substage also show many advances in cognitive skills. For example, young children shift from depending on magical beliefs to using rational beliefs to explain situations or events that they haven't encountered before. Very young children may explain that a new house "grew out of the ground," while older children understand that human beings put boards, bricks, and other materials together to build it.

Intuitive Thought Substage
Intuitive Thought Substage

The Intuitive Thought Substage;

Intuitive Thought Substage

piaget s preoperational stage the intuitive thought substage i asked

the intuitive thought substage is the first substage of the preoperational stage .

Early Childhood Cognitive Development: Intuitive Thought