The most important aspect of education is a teacher who cares

As I have studied "education" over my past 17 years of homeschooling, from a variety of perspectives including the thoughts of many authors, mentors, leaders, and friends that I highly respect, I have seen a very different picture of what education truly is than what is typically thought of in our culture today. I saw that there were actually several components that make up this larger picture. What you see below is nothing official, just what I came up with after looking at and compiling what were, to me, the most important aspects of education that I wanted to be part of my own, and my children's, true education.

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The most important aspects of education are timing, hierarchy, content, repetition, consistency, motivation, implementation, and, finally, audit.

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"Of course, we here at the College of Education think that literacy is one of the most important aspects of education we are dealing with, especially in elementary and secondary schools," says Nelms. "Test scores and other valid indications show how much students still need to learn to become successful readers. I think the work the College of Education is doing is exemplary."

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If athletics are to be sponsored by the educational system, then athletics must be educative. The educative process must continue into the realm of responsibility. We cannot escape the thought that responsibility lies with all of us. Responsibility is a big part of athletics at Crown Point High School. Responsibility to ones team, self and family is the most important aspects of education within the athletic department.
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Other important aspects of education include mathematics and science

While registering the ERPA congress 2015 you will be asked to choose the one that is related to your field of study. The main purpose in incorporating eight congresses within the scope of ERPA congress is to make the researchers aware of current trends in different fields, learn about the research conducted in different areas and help them discuss new trends and encourage interdisciplinary research. Therefore, the theme of the ERPA congress 2015 is “Interdisciplinary Research in Education”. Highlighting this theme does not mean underestimating or neglecting other important aspects of education research and practice.

At Trinity both aesthetic discernment and imaginative expression are important aspects of education

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It will be an uphill task to satisfy the needs of teachers, but in the meantime they have not been left to their own devises. A teachers’ savings and credit body, Umwalimu Sacco, was created to reduce their burden. But that might solve the immediate need of the teachers but it will hardly have any effect to the most important aspects of education: Quality.

Perhaps the important aspects of education are especially subtle, and more resistant to scrutiny

Every parent teaches their babies how to talk

The most important change in the GSOE over the past several months has been the development of an undergraduate Education Minor which will become available to UCR students this fall. Final approval of this new program was given by the Academic Senate at its meeting on February 21st. This program promises to benefit UCR students in a variety of ways. Most importantly, it opens up a pathway for students who want to understand teaching and learning, child development, the conduct of educational research, and how school organizations and public policies shape educational opportunities and influence student success. Knowledge of these important aspects of education will facilitate access to teacher credentialing programs and advanced degrees preparing students for careers as professional educators, research scholars and public policy leaders.