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Even though Latin America possesses a great wealth of forest resources, much of it is inaccessible A significant proportion of what is accessible is not exploited, since the continent has only a small number of commercial species It is easy, then, to understand the importance of afforestation and reforestation in all regions with species that combine ecological and economic values.

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The proportion of forested land in Lebanon was 10% in 2014, a major reduction on 30% 40 years ago. What is the importance of afforestation and reforestation projects in the drive to create a green Lebanon?

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- Afforestation as there is a need for it to be spoken about and acted upon in Zimbabwe and the rest of the world. There is a huge gap that needs to be filled in the whole country and a lot of demystifying of facts around the topic. I would like to work towards creating an awareness on the importance of afforestation, how one can play their part in it and why it is necessary to plant indigenous trees more.

Enforcing the AFFORESTATION LAW, together with clarifying the importance of afforestation activity in the food-security process.
Data from: Nesting ecology of stingless bees (Hymenoptera, Meliponina) in urban areas: the importance of afforestation

Oireachtas Committee highlights growing importance of afforestation.

Another area of importance to the project is education, particularly of school children, says Deni Bown, project coordinator and medicinal plant expert with the IITA-Leventis Project. “In this regard we are educating the young on the importance of afforestation and conservation,” she says.

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At first glance the significant losses attributed to deforestation seemexaggerated. However, a close study of Professor Wang's research demonstratesthe accuracy of his calculations. The disturbing results of this study shouldserve to awaken all Chinese to the extraordinary importance of afforestation.

important of afforestation is to save our earth,to survive us,to save the earth from the pollution.

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