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I'd like to send you some thoughts about my time after having participated in the Honduras coral reef expedition.

Those two weeks led me to more conservation diving. I also made a new friend for life - I'm still in contact with my dive buddy and we have been diving since. Biology,...... learning more about reefs and doing something for their conservation - I even wrote an article for a German magazine. I am also thinking much more about how to spend my holidays with the environment in mind. In short, Biosphere Expeditions gave me more awareness about our natural environment and motivated me to learn more about sea life. I really enjoyed my expedition, good memories, the natural way of life on the island, the good team spirit and atmosphere and motivated team members, expedition leader and scientists. What an interesting and life-changing experience! Thank you.

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About myself I have different ways to decide how to spend my holiday.

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Also, I like a little learning languages but recently I started missing even these lessons. What should I do? I am thinking of taking a gap year and figuring out what's best for me but I am also not sure how I do that. So, I am afraid of being stuck in this situation for really long, I think I've already been. I want to produce results. I want to be really good at least at a couple of things I enjoy doing and earn money by doing them(never really understood those people who work just to live). I am not afraid of failing at something. What I am afraid of is not starting devoting most of my time to what I really like doing. I am just a guy who is pretending to study with no girlfriend. I actually decide by myself how to live my life, my parents(divorced) can just advise me but I'm a maker of my life( Since young age it was like that(I decided where to go, how to spend my holidays, organised them by myself, spend more than two months living by myself in apartment)) But i am afraid of not making a good one. How do I figure a way out of my situation?

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finally convinced myself: Service Civil International (SCI) workcamps will be my first choice when I have to decide how to spend my holidays.

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How to spend my holidays.

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I have already decided how to spend my next holidays. Usually I wait for the holidays to come, and then make up my mind where to go, what to do, and. Go. Log In Sign Up.

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