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Stéphane finds it difficult to explain himself, period, and in his efforts to do so he switches from English to Spanish to French, a language he struggles with. (Yes, much of the film is subtitled.) He jokes that he can feel his mustache growing faster when he speaks French, and tells Stéphanie that he is too embarrassed to talk to her in her native language. His clumsy (but charming) confession of interest in her takes place in English, but is preceded by a garbled tri-lingual note which he writes in his dreams: "I am your neighbor ... a liar ... by the way, do you have Zoé's number?" (In one of the film's funniest dream sequences, the note—under that title—becomes a best-selling novel.)

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"Hey Uncle Joe....I had the funniest dream a week or so ago and you were there...We were in line at Shop Rite and you were commenting on how expensive my order was...LOL I love and miss you dearly. 28 years young you are. You are in great company although I wish I dreamed about you more often I know God is enjoying you. Guess what? You are having another niece or nephew. Well great niece of nephew since I am your 27 year old niece already. Exciting right? Any way It's been a year since I left love on your page and want you and everyone else to know that your annual benift given by your wonderful mother and my grandmother was such a success this year. I miss you BOY!"

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Synopsis: Mulder becomes a little, ah.. tense... while listening to thegoing-ons of the people in the motel room next to his. One of thefunniest dream sequences I've ever read. (Synopsis written by )

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My just-turned-four-year-old son…crawled up onto the bed one morning a few weeks ago…and delivered the following tale:“MOM!!! I just had the funniest dream about me ‘n’ Yoda! You’n me’n Yoda fought Dark Bader with huge light sabers until he was in tiny pieces, as tiny as a germ. I took his light saber away, and he fell down a hole –AAAAHpffff!!!–...

I had the funniest dream in which Tony Blair got a Humanitarian of the Year award

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It was the funniest dream, but hey