Flood in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 25 November 2009 (2)

Meanwhile, Makkah Civil Defense issued a statement on the conduct of the work being implemented by the committees to assess the damage and shelter citizens whose houses were damaged by the rain and floods in Jeddah and Bahra.

Rescue a woman during a flood in Jeddah

flood in Jeddah 25 Nov 09, pictured by Mohammed ali Kodinhi (Bava)

Two People Killed electric shock When floods in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, officials already have quashed several small attempts to launch protests against some government decisions. Three days after the revolt began in Egypt, for example, roughly 50 residents protested the government response to deadly floods in Jeddah. They were promptly arrested.

The Flood in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.. November 25, 2009

But this year’s hajj also exposed the inconsistency between the Saudi obsession with extravagant expansion as proof of progress and the bad conditions suffered in their daily lives by Saudi subjects. The first day of the pilgrimage, exceptionally heavy rains fell on Jeddah, the city north of Mecca where most hajjis come from abroad by air. Thirteen people were drowned by floods in Jeddah, main roads were obstructed, and bridges collapsed. In Mecca itself, power failed in some districts.

Fourteen contracts were awarded in August to carry out emergency projects as part of a plan to prevent flooding in Jeddah.
JEDDAH: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah ordered an inquiry into the causes of the Nov. 25 flash flooding in Jeddah. The commission in charge is set to begin its investigation on Saturday. Following the announcement of the investigation, the municipality denied rumors that many of its employees are banned from traveling outside the Kingdom. RIYADH, Nov 30, 2009 (AFP) - SaudiKing Abdullah on Monday ordered an inquiry into the catastrophic flashflood in Jeddah last week that killed at least 106 people and sparked arare burst of public outrage.Muhammad Humaidan | Arab News
JEDDAH: Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah ordered an immediate payment of SR1 million to the family of each person who died in last w eek’s flood in Jeddah. The king also ordered the setting up of a high-level committee that will be headed by Makkah Gov. Prince Khaled Al-Faisal and w ill consist of representatives of various ministries. The committee will study the extent of the damage due to the calamity. It w ill also study the causes of the crisis and recommend ways to ensure that it does not happen again.
“It is painful that many countries, some w ith even less potential than the Kingdom, experience similar rainfall almost every day, but there are no devastation of the magnitude w e w itnessed in Jeddah and that saddens us,” said the king. He also said that those responsible for this tragedy w ould be taken to task.“We cannot ignore the fact that there w ere mistakes and failures on the part of some departments and it is our duty to identify those responsible and take action against them. The refurbishing of hundreds of households damaged by the flash floods in Jeddah last year is under way, according to a report.King Abdullah ordered the mobilisationof all relevant services "because of the havoc caused by rains andfloods in Jeddah and its environs," the official SPA news agency said.“As many as 12 national and international companies have been qualified to implement projects aims at finding permanent solution for floods in East Jeddah,” he said.
As I understand from media reports, rainfall of 11 cm triggered tragic flooding in Jeddah, much as it did in November 2009.

Two dead in flash floods in Jeddah | NewsDaily

- JEDDAH: At least 24 people were reportedly killed and several injured in flash floods in Jeddah on Wednesday. Hundreds of homes and shops were flooded as streets turned into raging rivers.

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JEDDAH: The devastation caused by Wednesday’s flash floods in Jeddah could be seen across the city. One of the worst hit areas was Sulaimaniyah District, especially around the junction between Abdullah Sulaiman Street and the Harmain Expressway, near the city’s King Abdulaziz University. It was as if it had been hit by a tsunami. Hundreds of mangled cars littered the area. There were buses on their sides, cars thrown on top of other cars, others almost flattened beyond recognition. Reports that over 2,000 vehicles had been destroyed seemed no exaggeration.

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JEDDAH: Following Wednesday’s devastating floods in Jeddah, which left a trail of death and destruction, there is growing anger among residents at the state of the city’s infrastructure.