Flat or Round Character Analysis Worksheet

Character refers to the person(s) in a narrative or a play. They can be described directly (through the narrator) or indirectly (through the eyes of other characters. We also use the terms flat or round characters to indicate their complexity.

novels have some degree of flat or round characters

Who are your favorite flat or round characters in Jane Austen's world?

Parks are flat or round characters

Wood takes aim at E.M. Forster's longtime standard-bearer in this eminently readable and thought-provoking treatise on the ways, whys and hows of writing and reading fiction. Wood addresses many of the usual suspects—plot, character, voice, metaphor—with a palpable passion (he denounces a verb as "pompous" and praises a passage from as "an amazingly blasphemous little mélange"), and his inviting voice guides readers gently into a brief discourse on "thisness" and "chosenness," leading up to passages on how to "push out," the "contagion of moralizing niceness" and, most importantly, a new way to discuss characters. Wood dismisses Forster's notions of flat or round characters and suggests that characters be evaluated in terms of "transparencies" and "opacities" determined not by the reader's expectations of how a character may act (as in Forster's formula), but by a character's motivations. Wood, now at the and arguably the pre-eminent critic of contemporary English letters, accomplishes his mission of asking "a critic's questions and offer[ing] a writer's answers" with panache. This book is destined to be marked up, dog-eared and cherished.

The writer can create a story of flat or round characters

Depending on how fully they are realized, they may be identified as flat or round characters
Who are your favourite flat or round characters in Jane Austen's world

Compare round character, stock character

Ali said: I'm trying to figure out if characters in Catching Fire are flat or round characters

Flat vs. Round Characters by Kelsey Emerson on Prezi

*To show examples of flat or round characters, with several characters showing marked complexity

Critical Concepts: Flat and Round Characterization