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Maybe we should all be a bit more relaxed about the fear of wasting time, and waste less time fretting about it. Yes, it is great to arrive at the station just as the tube train slides into view, or to swish open a wardrobe and discover a phalanx of ironed shirts (which took you two hours to do the other night) – rather than swearing under your breath, grabbing a wrinkled horror and praying you know where the ironing board is. But surely it is just as important to live your life in the moment, rather than working out the optimum time to arrive at the airport next week?

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To eliminate your fear of wasting time, ask yourself why do you enjoy procrastination? why are you afraid of giving your time? Why do you believe that your time is more precious than other peoples time? These answers will guide you towards the light that pushes you forward.

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My last year of college spans ahead, and sure, I want to make the most of it. And for a lot of my friends, we consider this the end of our lengthy summer vacations, which we’ve enjoyed since kindergarten. It feels like the ending of days, but I have a feeling this type of anxiety won’t subside after graduation: I’ll want to make the most of the weekends, the vacations, and ultimately, as Paul encourages, each day as its given. The fear of wasting time remains inevitable, a sort of persistent, resonant affliction. Simone Weil, crazy as she was, saw immense value in perpetual affliction:

You know me well
I can't sit still
I was raising Cain
Now I'm raising babies

Time might pass me by
If I close my eyes
So I'm on the next plane leaving town
I'll be gone tonight

And you ask why I do it that way
It's just the fear of wasted time
The fear of wasted time
That's why

I hold my babies tight
Sneak into their beds at night
I'll just stay and watch them breathing
Next thing I know the alarm clock's ringing

I watch every frame
Of this life I've made

Take a picture but I miss the moment now
Looking in their eyes

And you ask why I do it that way
It's just the fear of wasted time
The fear of wasted time
That's why

The feeling's very strange
I'm waiting for the pain
And happiness can terrify me now
It could be good bye

And you ask why I'm that way
It's just the fear of wasted time
The fear of wasted time
That's why, that's why

That's why, that's why
I think the fear of failure is really something else — fear of disappointment, fear of wasting time or toil or money, fear of ridicule. These anxieties are invented enemies, unless we use them as weapons against ourselves. We don't have to do that.
Maybe it's FOMO, the fear of missing out, or, perhaps, the fear of wasting time

We live in fear of wasting time, yet we have so little quality time

A fear of wasting time may be behind habitual lateness, she added. Instead of arriving early and possibly wasting 15 minutes waiting, you give yourself minimal time to get there and make the other person wait, she explained.

As entrepreneurs, we can waste time by springing into action too quickly … for fear of wasting time

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And therein lies the problem. Appreciation feels undeserved, it feels like you’re stalling. You can’t allow yourself to marvel at the thing you’ve built for fear of wasting time not improving that thing, for fear of appearing selfish or bragging.

Closely related to the fear of wasting time is the fear of going broke

It's also what feeds my fear of wasting time.

Students are indeed comfortable with technology but it's dangerous to assume they are technology experts. College students avoid web elements they perceive as unknown for fear of wasting time. Students will pass over areas that appear too cumbersome to use. If they don‘t perceive an immediate payoff for their efforts, they won‘t click on a link, fix an error or read detailed instructions.