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In all, he gave over 1,500 public lectures and wrote dozens of essays on individuality, freedom, and the ability of people to accomplish anything.

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After the death of Cromwell, the Stuarts were brought back to the English throne: "The works of Milton were burned by the public hangman." William M. McGovern, "Collectivism and Individualism," ESSAYS ON INDIVIDUALITY 246 (Felix Morley Ed. 1958). Individualism was not revived until a new revolution against James II thirty years later in 1688. Id. It was in John Locke's Civil Government that a well-reasoned and stirring plea for individualism was made. Id.

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Plato held that individuals could have arms only with the permission of the state although he did support mandatory military training for all citizens. 9 HAMLINE L. REV. 69, 79 (1986). Plato "believed not in political liberty, but in order." C.M. Bowra, CLASSICAL GREECE 140 (1965). While the idea that private citizens should have certain inate or "natural" rights with which the polis should not interfere was more ignored than attacked by early Greeks, Plato theorized "that the state, through its rulers or guardians, should regulate in minute detail the moral and economic actions, the literature, the music, and even the thoughts of its citizens." William M. McGovern, "Collectivism and Individualism," ESSAYS ON INDIVIDUALITY 237 (Felix Morley Ed. 1958). The outline for Plato's utopia was Sparta although it was "a little blurred by a strange indifference to Ideas. Weary and fearful of the vulgarity and chaos of democracy, many Greek thinkers took refuge in an idolatry of Spartan order and law." Will Durant, THE LIFE OF GREECE 87 (1939).

Emerson's greatest expression of individualism is contained in his essay Self-Reliance.

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