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Fashion magazines present at least two advantages: a financial gain, as they expose goods and products to an unlimited number of consumers, who are then motivated to purchase the products; in addition, fashion magazines present style and trends that characterize pop culture, and can create new looks for both the main culture and any number of subcultures. Disadvantages of fashion magazines are that they present an unrealistic portrayal of what a typical human body looks like, and they frequently use imagery that would be considered objectionable or even indecent to a segment of the population. Although there are many and leading fashion magazines including Elle, Glamour, and Harper's Bazaar, the so-called "leader of the pack" remains Vogue because of its consistently classic, classy, beautiful cover, regular features of updated runway designs, and classic photography consisting of stunning women.

What Are the Disadvantages of Fashion Designing?

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Another disadvantage of fashion is the way it is portrayed in mass media... Thin models wear clothes that highlight their unrealistic physiques. For many men and women, trying to look like male or female fashion models is very difficult, and this comparison between "ideal" bodies and normal bodies can cause body issues, such as body dysmorphic disorder. Anorexia, bulimia, and abuse of drugs and laxatives may all be practiced by males and females who try to attain the thinner bodies that are so prized by the fashion industry.

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One of the disadvantages of fashion is that it may be uncomfortable to wear hip and stylish designs. Sometimes, the hottest fashion designers create body-conscious styles that are tight and even restrictive. High fashion footwear for women be also be also incredibly uncomfortable; in fact, the models who walk the runways in Paris and New York often stumble and fall (in front of a phalanx of photographers) because they must wear sky-high heels or platform shoes. Often, the fashions seen on runways are quite stylized and extreme; however, in real life, these extreme styles tend to be "watered" down for the general population.

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Disadvantages of fashion? - Blurtit

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