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To synthesise a new molecule or new materials is a complex creative effort that needs ideas, organisation and lots of work. It is well known how creating something new always means taking risks but chemists known nowadays how to act to prevent or avoid them. Every potential new medicine, for example, is tested in very many different ways during many years to investigate possible negative effects before allowing its use. In every field, in every human activity it is possible to make mistakes, but the balance between the advantages and disadvantages of chemistry for mankind is definitely positive: let's think that with fertilisers we can increase the harvest, with medicines we fight diseases, with analgesics we can make pain disappear, with fuels we limit physical work, with artificial fibres we protect ourselves from cold and rain, and many other examples could be cited.

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The disadvantages of green chemistry, are an atom economy has its own uses in conjunction, along with other metrics. However is not suitable being a stand alone green-chemistry metric.

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A possible disadvantage of chemistry in our daily life would be an abuse of that knowledge. For example, the manufacturing of illegal drugs or explosive weaponry.

And only thing which i think as the harms or disadvantages of Chemistry is the pollution. Like TEL is expel out from the smoke of automobiles etc.
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