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There are also forms of degrading and sexual abuse from minors reportedly having traumatic experiences of smacking, and torture brought about by poverty or vices coming from the parents themselves. Some children are neglected to live alone without anything. Mostly they are weak and spirit, always alone even with others and longing to be loved, if children does not found love at home they will seek their companions in the outside world with their peers that may result in tragedy and exploited body and mind. They tend to escape from the reality that they are force to take illegal activities such as smoking, drinking drugs and early marital relationship that may even worsen their longing for acceptance inside the family. They rebel against each other that destroyed the family even more. This has been the disadvantages of the nuclear unfortunate family that manifested through destructive pattern and negative character development among family members especially among children who may find it hard to understand their situation, but it is there.

Disadvantages of a Nuclear Family

What are the Advantages and disadvantages of a nuclear family

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4) No support – When we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear family, support is the thing one will always miss. If there is an argument between the couple then there is no one to support any one of them. They have to deal with their problem alone without any support. Sometimes due to open nature and ego, the fight results in divorce or separation because there was no one to make them understand the basics of a relationship.

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1) No care – If the parents are working and children suffered from any small or big disease, then one needs to deal with it alone as they don’t have elders and other family members to take care of. This is the major disadvantage of the nuclear family. One is alone and feels even sicker when he sees no one around.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nuclear Family;
Disadvantage of Nuclear Family <ul><li>Child sometimes misuses his freedom

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One of the disadvantages of a nuclear family is that it does not offer much support to each other whenever there are huge projects because it is small and compact.

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