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I am a hard-working, driven and determined person that loves challenges more than anything. Since my early age I’ve been doing sports and I soon found my way to professional volleyball league and Slovenian national team with which I’ve travelled the world and got to know a lot about different cultures. I believe that sport has made me in to what I am today and gave me both the mindset and the necessary values that are needed in the today’s world of business: persistence, determination, never giving up, team-work capabilities and many more. I graduated from the English and Russian languages in Ljubljana, which I think is as a good starting point since I want to work abroad. I am especially fascinated with the Eastern European economies and markets, especially Russian, and would after finishing IMB love to work for one of the Slovenian companies that operate there.

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Though determination is a simple thing but it comes with practice and then can transform your life as well as the life of people around you. To become a determined person first of all you will have to discipline your life on a daily basis as everyone has just 24 hours in a day and what makes the difference is how you utilize these hours. Then set one goal in life and mark the way to achieve it. Write down somewhere that there is no short cut to success. Your every action should be oriented towards the same goal. Keep your mindset very positive and be determined even when you face failures. Consider failures as the hurdles but not the full stop on the way to success. If you keep moving in the right direction with a positive mind set and determination, you will come out as a winner.

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Are you a determined person?
If not, what is stopping you from being one?
What can you do to take away the things that hinder you from attaining your goals?

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Self-determination refers to an individual’s awareness of personal strengths and weaknesses, the ability to set goals and make choices, to be assertive at appropriate times, and to interact with others in a socially competent manner. A self-determined person is able to make independent decisions based on his or her ability to use resources, which includes collaborating and networking with others. The outcome of a self-determined person is the ability to realize his or her own potential, to become a productive member of a community, and to obtain his or her goals without infringing on the rights, responsibilities, and goals of others. (p. 144)

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At the heart of the word determination is the root word determine. If a person knows his core values, his beliefs, understands his personality’s strengths, and can formulate a plan to put them to work in the world, he (or she) is invaluable. Furthermore, if this person can discern the cause or the group of people she was born to impact, all the better. You have to stop. Define your core values. Articulate what you believe. And most importantly, understand how you are wired at the core. Once this work is complete, a self determined person has a deep knowing from within that a decision needs action.

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