Students will create a descriptive piece of writing

Well done Rebecca. You have put a lot of affort into your descriptive piece of writing. I particularly like the description of 'old ancient gravestones' and 'trudging trhough damp leaves we disturb the undergrowth'.
The end of your writing sucks me in! I wonder if the mesmorising clock is important to what happens next?

Task B: Write a descriptive piece of writing

Report, recount or descriptive piece of writing from General English Focus students

A VCOP warm up lesson that leads into a descriptive piece of writing

5. Aftercompleting the graphic organizer, have students develop a descriptive piece ofwriting using the information in the graphic organizer. Make sure studentscomplete all sections of the organizer and include those elements in theirwriting. After students have drafted theirpieces, have them revise and edit, then type or neatly copy a final draft. Considerhaving students revise in triangle groups. To do this, organize students ingroups of three, and have each student pass her writing to the student on herleft. Ask students to offer their partners a compliment and two constructive suggestionsbefore passing the writing back. Another suggestion for cooperative revision isto have each student come up with two specific questions he has about his ownwriting. Have students write these questions at the bottom of their draft beforesharing it with a partner. Then have the partner offer suggestions related tothe writer’s questions.

Great Guide for a descriptive piece of writing A*

When you have to complete a descriptive piece of writing one of the first things you will want to do is to select a topic that you are passionate about. This topic should be something significant and relatively interesting so that have choices on what to use in your work.

this descriptive piece of writing as a benchmark to see how you improve throughout the year
Assignment: Production of a descriptive piece of writing by each student.

You will produce a descriptive piece of writing about the song.

When writing a descriptive piece of writing, you should begin by identifying the topic, in the event that the topic is not provided. You should also fully understand the topic if it is provided. The next step is identifying the points that you want to present and the attributes of the subject or subjects you want to describe. This helps in driving the point home.

An interesting and descriptive piece of writing is the minimum it deserves.

A narrative essay is a descriptive piece of writing

The written part of the exam involves two sections, both of which must be completed in an hour. In the first part you are asked produce a descriptive piece of writing based on a graph or diagram, this must be around one hundred and fifty words and you should spend about twenty minutes on it. The remaining forty minutes should be spent on the second section, in which you must produce a two hundred and fifty word piece of discursive writing, creating an argument around a specific topic.

Nominated by Mr Fisher for a wonderful descriptive piece of writing on the slave trade triangle

DESCRIPTIVE WRITING - FIRST DRAFT The, enclosed, beach is silent

There are a variety of different types of written tasks that you will encounter throughout your studies and education and one of these essays is the descriptive type. This type of work allows you to choose a topic and then draw a picture with words so that when the reader reviews what you have written they will have a visual image of the topic created in their mind. Here are the steps you need to compose a good descriptive piece of writing to complete your task.