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Define Defense is Boulder’s premier place for modern martial arts, self defense and personal training. We are not the typical martial arts school as we incorporate personal training and fitness into our classes.

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A few things our clients can benefit from:
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Max Muscle does not only sell supplements and sports nutrition but can also help you with you nutrition planning. This is what the owner of Define Defense did in combination with his martial arts and circuit training. Underneath is what he experienced:

I can only be the kind of priest Pope Francis calls me to be if the timeless truths of the Catholic faith are firmly defined and defended.
After consulting with Craig (owner of Max Muscle Boulder), I was really motivated to make some changes. He gave me some great advice on how to (and why) keep my blood sugar levels steady and how to fuel my body right. At this point in time, I was training approx.. 18 hours per week so it was important to continue fueling the right way and giving my body enough carbs, unsaturated fats and protein while still cutting away from the total body fat %.
In combination with the nutrition planning, I worked out a training schedule at Define Defense to continue weight lifting and martial arts but also incorporate more interval/circuit training to cut more weight.
My initial measurements indicated that I had 8.4% body fat for a total lean mass of 187.78 lbs. and 17.22 lbs. of fat mass. My total weight was 205 lbs. Not that bad but not where I wanted to be. Please note, normal body fat percentages are 10-20% for men 20-40 years old and 20-30% for women 20-40 years old. This is perfectly normal and healthy! However I have been doing sports all my life and my goals are different than the average person. My number one priority is my health and if I ever would feel it has a negative impact on my body, I would reconsider my goals.
After the first week, in which I ate 5 to 6 times a day and in every meal, consumed carbs, protein and unsaturated fats, I weighed in at 205.75 lbs. Yes I did go up a bit but that didn’t matter to me since my body fat went down to 7.68% and my lean mass actually went up to 189.94 lbs.!
This showed me that even though I was eating a ton before and thought I consumed enough protein, I wasn’t. My body needed more protein and this new diet was giving it to me. I gained muscle while I was losing fat!This is teamwork Holy Father. I can only do the job you want me to do if you do the job you have been called to do. With the greatest respect and love, please don’t feel that it is your job to tinker with the timeless truths. If my job is to be the compassionate pastor for those in the pew and beyond, then your job is to be the primary definer and defender of the faith. I can’t do my job if you don’t do yours.
Define defense: the act of defending someone or something from attack—usage, synonyms, more

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However, I can only do this if the timeless truths of the Catholic faith are firmly defined and defended. The dogmas, doctrines and disciplines of the Catholic faith are the tools of my trade. They provide the rules for engagement, the playbook for the game, the map for the journey and the content for the mercy and compassion I wish to display. The historic teachings of the Catholic faith, founded on the teachings of Christ the Lord, revealed by divine inspiration and developed through the magisterium of the Catholic Church provide the method for my mercy, the content for my compassion and the only saving truths I have to share.

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Yes, I know you want to inspire us to be that kind of compassionate pastor, but to be honest, I find that inspiration elsewhere. I remember meeting Mother Teresa of Calcutta and being inspired by her compassion. I am inspired by St Damien of Molokai, St Maximillian Kolbe, St Isaac Jogues and a host of other valiant and radiant souls. While your example of compassion, humility and simplicity is stunning and attractive, your most important work is to define and defend the teachings of the Catholic Church so that together we can all proclaim it and live it with the compassion, mercy and forgiveness we all agree is necessary.

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