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There’s no mistaking the anticipation you feel while staring down at a large box of wartime letters pulled from the vaults of the Canadian War Museum. If you could find a way to turn print into audio, and make each letter speak to you directly in the actual voice of its author then perhaps—just perhaps—more people would be convinced of the tremendous value a Dear Mom letter has to Canadian military history. Carol Reid, the collections manager at the Canadian War Museum Archives, needs no convincing. She relishes the job of helping researchers find these important documents, and gets really excited when prospecting leads to ‘gold.’

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I love this! I posted my own Dear Mom letter on my blog (). Thanks for always being so willing to share such personal and beautiful thoughts. Your blog is one of my favorites!

A collection of Dear Mom Letters. | See more about A Letter, Mom and Encouragement.
A book Review of Dear Mom Letters written by Rachel Martin of the blog Finding Joy.

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