David Adams Richards is composed of 4 names. You can .

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David Adams Richards is composed of 4 names. You can .

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David Adam Richards' Crimes Against My Brother, Doubleday, 400 pages, $32.95.
David Adams Richards, Writer, Author, Playwright, Saint Thomas University Writer-in-Residence speaks about beauty and courage at the 11 Minutes/11 Muscles event held on April 1, 2011, at the Fredericton Convention Centre, New Brunswick Canada. 11 Minutes/11 Muscles was an event conceived and organized by students in the MBA Professional Development program at the University of New Brunswick to create awareness of and support for Muscular Dystrophy Canada. It takes 11 muscles to talk; students challenged extraordinary people to say something inspiring in 11 minutes. David was one of five people to take up the challenge.In person, David Adams Richards does not reek of this stardom, however. He doesn't sizzle, though perhaps he seethes. A quiet man, he is modest and unassuming, with a self-deprecating style and a laugh that fills his whole face. His personal style smacks of the same uncompromising quality that is characteristic of his work. Unshaven and comfortable in a cable knit sweater for a day filled with interviews, you understand very quickly that the Richards you are meeting is the only one there is: honest, friendly, forthright and brilliant. Take me as I am.Within the literary community, however, David Adams Richards is a star. One of the few writers to have won the coveted Governor General's Award twice -- in 1988 for and in 1998 for the non-fiction -- Richards has won or been nominated for almost every award for which he's been eligible including winning the New York International Film Festival Award for Best Script in 1996 for the original screenplay ."One cannot, somehow, think of him as a revolutionary, in the sense that James Joyce and D.H. Lawrence are revolutionaries, yet his contribution to literature is as original as theirs. He has given us a new formula. He is of the generation and yet not of it. His novels are only possible because he has cut himself off from twentieth-century civilization, and yet could not have been written in no other century than this. He owes little or nothing to contemporary literature; all his debts are to the past. ... But it is probable that future generations will regard him as standing of the same relation to this generation as Blake did to his." So wrote British literary critic William Hunter of British novelist T.F. Powys (1875-1953), but it's just as true of David Adams Richards.
David Adam Richards' Crimes Against My Brother, Doubleday, 400 pages, $32.95.

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David Adams Richards is one of Canada's foremost writers. A writer of poetry, short fiction, screenplays, non-fiction, essays and polemics, Richards' most prodigious work thus far has been as a novelist. With fifteen books and all of the major Canadian literary prizes to his credit, Richards is still relatively unknown by the reading public. This collection, the first book-length study of Richards' work, is meant to remedy that situation. Richards' interviews with the editor and opening essay situate his own beginnings as a writer and his dogged persistence in staying the course.

David Adams Richards is a Canadian novelist, essayist, screenwriter and poet.

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David Adams Richards: Yeah: it was a very good review. But I wasn't embarrassed [Laughs]. But yes: it's a fabulous review. One of the best reviews I've ever gotten for a book. The review was maybe as good. And the review was very good. The reviews generally were very good. And even when they took issue with the book, they ended up by saying: This is an original and important book that must be read. So even when they took issues with what I was doing, they ended on a positive note. So that's good, I guess.

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