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Cornell Architecture Professor Jonathan Ochshorn goes into detail about the design flaws of this building on his interview on the . In this interview Ochshorn also points out the flaws with USGBC's LEED rating system.

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Cornell architecture faculty said they are “thrilled” about a report by magazine Architectural Record that ranked Cornell’s undergraduate and graduate programs first and second in the United States, respectively — according to department chair Prof. Mark Cruvellier, architecture.

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Cornell architecture students and faculty have opportunities to take advantage of the university's world-class , landmark campus in Ithaca, and global footprint and network of alumni and partners. As part of the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning community, they have access to incredible physical resources like and the . Students and faculty are frequently studying and teaching far from Ithaca — in AAP's and locations or through traveling option studios and other opportunities.

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True Life: I'm a Cornell Architecture Student

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Why do you want to go to Cornell for Architecture? Right now I'm torn between different schools AND different majors, Arch. @ Cornell being one of them (obviously). I've heard that Cornell has the best undergrad arch program in the country, but what, specifically, is so special about Cornell's program?

True Life: I'm a Cornell Architecture Student - YouTube

True Life: I'm a Cornell Architecture Student

This major undertaking will be opened in 2017. It’s funded by a $6m donation from Mui Ho, a Cornell architecture graduate from the 1960s, and a retired Senior Lecturer in architecture at UC Berkeley's College of Environmental Design.

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