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The deeply rooted conflict between the Kameno and Makuyu ridges is centrally one of ; whereas the Kameno ridge, home of the novel's protagonist Waiyaki, symbolizes a continuation of indigenous cultural traditions such as polytheism and circumcision, the inhabitants of the Makuyu ridge had already succumbed to the exigencies of Christianity and British educational systems. Waiyaki, perhaps occupying a liminal position between the two ridges, is forced to negotiate between contending loyalties and allegiances--between, on one hand, his foreseen responsibility as the prophesied "saviour" of Kameno traditions, and on the other hand, his conviction in the values of British education and his clandestine relationship with Nyambura, the beautiful daughter of the region's foremost Christian minister.

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Some individuals may choose to live with contending loyalties. In relation to unity, peace, and identity, the contending loyalties may enhance rather than detract from these three values. For others, there are certain situations where reconciliation of contending loyalties is necessary to preserve unity, peace, and identity.

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It may be a personal choice to reconcile contending loyalties. In times when unity and security are threatened, it may be necessary to reconcile contending loyalties. In Canada there have been times when groups have engaged in efforts of reconciliation. There have also been times when it was necessary to choose one loyalty over another for the good of all. Each situation differed and required different strategies to be able to reconcile the loyalties in competition.

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Students use their selected example of contending nationalist loyalties to provide a context for stating and supporting a position on the extent to which contending nationalist loyalties need to be reconciled.Loyalty may be the firm belief in or the show of support for an idea, a person, a group, or a nation. Individuals may hold many loyalties. You may even hold loyalties that do not exist together in harmony. These loyalties may contend, or compete, with each other. For some individuals, it may enrich their lives to hold diverse, even contending loyalties. Contending loyalties for some individuals may create conflict and demand reconciliation to end the competition or issue. In the case of Canada, contending loyalties may require attention in order to secure unity and peace in the nation.
Students select an example of contending nationalist loyalties and describe how a selected loyalty can be at odds with Canadian nationalism.

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Involve students in peer coaching so they can provide and receive feedback about the perceptiveness of their descriptions of contending nationalist loyalties in Canada. Use the feedback prompts below to provide structure in guiding students through this formative assessment opportunity.

This lesson explores the issues of diverse/contending loyalties and examines whether or not these loyalties require reconciliation.

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Instead, local fissures count more in day-to-day politics. In the province, most people’s primary loyalties are not to an idea of ‘Papua’, nor are contending loyalties to ‘Indonesia’. Instead, most people are above all loyal to their clan, with even broader tribal loyalties being secondary. Loyalties to Papua or Indonesia come a distant third, at best. Whilst Jayapura and Wamena host numerous and often competing groups who agitate for independence, and while a few areas such as Puncak Jaya host active insurrectionists, most of rural Papua is an underdeveloped and detached space where political conflicts are entirely local.

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Some Aboriginal peoples in Canada have attempted to reconcile contending nationalist loyalties. Let's take a look at the roles played by both sides in the reconciliation process.